Iva Zanicchi returns to Sanremo: «The worst festival? When Luigi Tenco died and I won “

Iva Zanicchi returns to Sanremo The worst festival When Luigi

“I’ll be back where I was born”, says Iva Zanicchi speaking of her next Sanremo, the eleventh in the race, record for age (with its 81 springs, just today, best wishes!) And for trophies (the only woman with three victories: 1967, 1969, 1974). Because this is where she feels artistically born. Gianni Ravera brought it … Read more

Highsnob and Hu in Sanremo: “Take care of yourself points to the heart, a slogan that sings love”

Highsnob and Hu in Sanremo Take care of yourself points

Not a couple born at the table. But artistically together out of mutual esteem. Here are Federica Ferracuti, aka Hu, and Michele Matera, aka Highsnob, competing at the Sanremo Festival with the song urban Abbi cura di te, written by rapper Highsnob with beatmaker Andrea Moroni. She is twenty-seven years old, from Fermo, ranging from … Read more

Forty years of Borotalco, Verdone: “My fairy tale about the colorful 80s”

Forty years of Borotalco Verdone My fairy tale about the

«Borotalco was everything to me. I had to prove that I was an actor and a director by giving up my characters. No more wigs, gestures and strange voices. There was a need for a strong story and I found it: my career started from there ». Forty years later, Carlo Verdone retains a bond … Read more

GF Vip, episode of January 17: Davide, Jessica, Valeria & Giacomo and Federica in nomination

GF Vip episode of January 17 Davide Jessica Valeria

GF Vip, January 17: Davide, Jessica, Valeria & Giacomo and Federica in nomination. From the triangle Belli – Delia – Soleil to the clashes of Nathaly Caldonazzo, the 35th episode it was quite eventful. Certainly what happened will have repercussions inside the house. Read also> GF Vip, Delia wants a confrontation with Alex, but Belli … Read more

Opera of Rome, tomorrow the premiere of “Káťa Kabanová” at its absolute debut in the capital

Opera of Rome tomorrow the premiere of Kata Kabanova at

Káťa Kabanová arrives for the first time to Rome. From 18 to 27 January 2022 at the Costanzi Theater, it will be possible to hear and see one of the greatest works of the twentieth century, the masterpiece of which Leoš Janáček also signs the libretto, from the drama Grozá (The Hurricane) by Aleksandr Ostrovskij … Read more

Rector returns to Sanremo with Ditonellapiaga: «I transgressive? Never a joint. For the Quirinale I have a trio of women “

Rector returns to Sanremo with Ditonellapiaga I transgressive Never a

“As a girl I didn’t hang out with my peers, I was always with those older than me: I wanted to learn, to understand. Now that I have grown up, I mostly go to young people: and even now I continue to learn, to understand ». That may be why he is Rector evergreen in … Read more

5 Facts about Reza Rahadian, Disconnected Kites, Religion and the Past, Number 3 Shocked : Okezone Celebrity

5 Facts about Reza Rahadian Disconnected Kites Religion and the

REZA Rahadian successfully starred in the series Kites Disconnect as Aris. There are a number of facts about Reza Rahadia, also about religion and his past which will be discussed. You need to know, the story of the Layangan Putus series has succeeded in attracting the emotions of the audience with the domestic conflict between … Read more

Vision+ Twoniversary: ​​Double Promo, Double Excitement, Check Here! : Okezone Celebrity

Vision Twoniversary ​​Double Promo Double Excitement Check Here Okezone

ON Saturday 15 January 2022, Vision+ commemorates its 2nd anniversary. As an Over The Top (OTT) platform with the most complete local, international, and premium channels as well as a variety of original series, Vision+ is ready to provide various interesting surprises for the public. At this anniversary moment, Vision+ provides users with a double … Read more

Skipping the invitation to Komnas PA, Doddy Sudrajat: Nothing Needs to be Clarified : Okezone Celebrity

Skipping the invitation to Komnas PA Doddy Sudrajat Nothing Needs

JAKARTA– Doddy Sudrajat finally revealed the reasons for refusing mediation with the National Commission for Child Protection (Komnas PA). Apparently, the father of the late Vanessa Angel felt that there was nothing more that needed to be clarified from him. On the other hand, Doddy Sudrajat also did not want to mediate for the guardianship … Read more

The story of the film There are in-laws in my house up to six sticks that air this month: Okezone Celebrity

The story of the film There are in laws in my

JAKARTA – The film, entitled Cek Ombak (Melulu), Ada In-laws in My House and Six Batang, will be released on January 14th. Check the Waves (Melulu) played by Bryan Tomorrow, Hanggini, Shareefa Daanish and Hans De Kraker, tells about a complicated love story, and involves parents and children. Bryan Domani, who plays the character Igo, … Read more

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