Brad Pitt: Youn Yuh Jung explains why he doubts a promise the actor made to him

South Korean star Youn Yuh Jung has become famous not only for having won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her work in the film Minari, but also for her witty acceptance speeches and for her candid responses to the press.

Surely the veteran South Korean actress Youn Yuh Jung He has stood out in the South Korean entertainment industry in addition to his talent, for his spark when interacting with the press, now his occurrences have transcended the borders of his country after his triumph with the film To threaten.

Youn Yuh Jung at the 2021 Ocars

His comments became popular as he began to win awards; especially last Sunday, April 11, when she not only made history by being the first Korean actress to win an award. BAFTA , also because of the very peculiar speech he gave online.

The 73-year-old actress went viral when she nervously spoke in English to express her shock at winning and convey her condolences for the loss of Prince Philip. He jokingly commented that the award was even more meaningful because it had been awarded to him by the British people, which is “Known as very arrogant people”.

Later, last Sunday, April 25, when he received the award from the handsome and famous actor’s own hands. Brad Pitt, Youn Yuh Jung gave a speech that for many viewers was the best of the night for his sincerity and humility.

Brad Pitt at the Oscars 2021

When going up on stage, Youn Yuh Jung he asked humorously to Brad Pitt where she had been while filming in Tulsa, adding that she was honored to finally meet him.

“As you know, I am from Korea. Actually, my name is Yuh Jung Youn. Most Europeans call me Yuh Yung and some call me Yoo Jung. But tonight, everyone is forgiven.

“Usually since I live in the other part of the world, I just watch TV. It’s the Oscars. But even on TV, just watching, it’s a TV show for us. But being here alone, I can’t believe that this one here.”

“I must calm down …. Thank you very much to the members of the Academy who voted for me. Next in the speech they usually say, thank you for the wonderful “Minari” family. Steven, Isaac, Ye Ri, Noel, Alan. We become a family. Most of all, Lee Isaac Chung, without him, I couldn’t be here tonight. He was our captain and my director. Thank you very much to you”.

Look, I don’t believe in competition. How can I beat Glenn Close? I’ve been watching a lot of your performances. All the nominees, five nominees, we are the winners of the different films. “

“We play different roles, so we can’t compete with each other. I’m here tonight because I’m a bit lucky. Maybe I’m luckier than you guys. Also maybe, is American hospitality for the Korean actor? I’m not sure. , but anyway, thank you very much ”.

“I would like to thank my two children for making me go out to work. So this is the result. Because mommy worked so hard. And I would like to dedicate this award to my first director, Kim Ki Young, who was a great director that I made a movie with. My first movie. I think I would be very happy if he was still alive. Thanks a lot. Thank you so much everyone”.

The day after the award ceremony, Youn Yuh Jung it became the biggest national event in South Korea, congratulated en masse by the audience, their acting colleagues, even their country’s president. He also participated in a direct streaming conference with the South Korean entertainment press.

Youn Yuh Jung and Brad Pitt

On his witty speech and his comments on Brad Pitt, the star apologized stating that her English is not very good and that she was sure she could have done better but instead made a messy speech.

As is known, the film Minari in which Youn Yuh Jung played the ingenious grandmother who comes from South Korea to live with her daughter’s family in a rural area of ​​Arkansas in the United States, is from the production company Plan B Entertainment, in which actor Bradd Pitt is executive director.

“He’s a famous actor, so I told him that there were a lot of people who liked him in Korea and that he should come,” he said.

“I also suggested to him that he should spend more money next time (on the next movie).”

“He said that he would definitely come to Korea. But I don’t believe what the Americans say, they talk too extravagant. He told me he respects me and all that, but I don’t easily fall in love with other people’s words. “

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Brad Pitt: Youn Yuh Jung explains why he doubts a promise the actor made to him

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