Bormio, an American tourist hit by an avalanche: “Saved by four boys, I owe them my life”

“Thanks for having me saved his life. Was crushed from the snow, unable to move any part of the body»: These, the words of Jack Cawelti, the 42-year-old American, overwhelmed by a Avalanche last December 5 while he was skiing on the slopes of Bormio, in Valtellina. As reported by the Corriere della Sera, Jack wrote a letter addressed to the ski club of Bormio, to search for a contact direct with the teenagers who first rescued him. “I knew my only one possibility to survive was that someone had seen the accident and he was looking for me, so I made as much noise as possible. I can not thank you enough to have been there. ‘

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The “miraculous” had resumed skiing for the first time after almost two years stop for the pandemic. And that vacation was in danger of conclude in the most tragic of the ways, if at that moment the very young had not intervened athletes of the sci club home engaged in the first work out Seasonal. The avalanche has come detached right above the chairlift Cimino, at three thousand meters above sea level, overwhelming the tourist American off-piste in an area at the time closed: dragged for a few meters and submerged by a Wall of ice.

“Was together to three teammates – one of the boys, fifteen years old, adult voice, commendable courage, tells Corriere. It was shortly before noon. We were walking down along the beaten track that runs alongside the forbidden stretch when we saw it: it made two curves in the fresh snow and the avalanche started. We had attended a mountain rescue course with the Bormio Ski Club and we immediately intervened. Only one ski was sticking out of the snow, it was completely submerged, lo we felt moan. There were four of us, we knelt down, digging with our bare hands until we managed to free him. His mouth was full of snow – he continues -, my friend threw it at him out, then help arrived. There snowmobile of the police and the Areu helicopter. They have it carried Street. Only later did we know that Luckily had not reported serious injuries».

Not knowing how to reach the boys, Jack wrote to the president of the sports association Giacomo Baumgarten, after discovering that those boys were athletes of the Bormio Ski Club. “I was in shock at that moment, I couldn’t thank them. So if possible please pass this on to them message. My wife is expecting our first baby, I can’t to imagine what their life would be like if you didn’t save me. Thanks for giving me one second chance“. «For us it was natural to intervene – says the fifteen year old -. We knew how to do it and we also know that you should never improvise an off piste without the right equipment, such as shovel and Arva. Jack’s letter really moved us a lot. ”

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Bormio, an American tourist hit by an avalanche: “Saved by four boys, I owe them my life”

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