Inspired by true events, Spike Lee’s new movie is brutal, honest, and highly entertaining.

Produced by Jordan Peele (Get Out!, 2017) and based on the autobiographical novel by Ron Stallworth, the journey to the 70s that we see in Blackkklansman it serves as a social denunciation of a problem that, unfortunately, is still in force.

What is it about?

Located in Colorado Springs, the rookie Ron Stallworth (Washington) arrives on his first day of work in the local police. As the only African-American officer, the situation is routinely tense.

As if it were a prize and with disdain at the same time, after a time confined in the bureaucracy, Stallworth is promoted to the intelligence area. One day at the office, he sees a classified from Ku Klux Klan whom you decide to call.


The situation couldn’t be more ironic. On the other end of the line, the recruiter from «The organization»Is enraptured by the false hate speech that Ron invents on the fly. The charm he generates is so much that they can’t wait to meet him in person.

Convincing his captain and his partner Flip (Driver) of playing as double agents, they authorize the operation to infiltrate the HAHAHA. Ron will be in charge of maintaining telephone communications and Flip will act as Ron when it is necessary to show his face.


In parallel, Ron frequents Patrice (Harrier), akin to the ideas of Black panthers, with whom he discusses the problems of racism and oppression. Both talk about how prejudices and ideologies are shaping an imminent civil war.

In Blackkklansman Spike Lee will present the motivations and points of view of both groups with a crude narrative, which at various times turns out to be awkward. Persuaded that the plans of the HAHAHA they will go beyond burning crosses, Ron and Flip they will follow his singular investigation to the last consequences.


Reception and social impact…

The tape has already given a lot to talk about. Not only for the Oscar nomination that is looming for Washington, but because of the controversy it can unleash. And the warning that comes out at the beginning is not a lie: Blackkklansman is “based on a, really, true, real wed% $ @”

The story is so crazy, ironic and iconic that it surpasses any script by the Coen brothers. Carrying out this project in these times was no coincidence; Rather, it is a demonstration against hate speech in its entirety.


The mounting ending is shocking. Its preamble is the story of the lynching of Jesse Washington, interspersed with flashes of the initiation of members of the HAHAHA, while projecting the classic The birth of a Nation (DW Griffith, 1915). The pacing and editing, with the unmistakable signature of Spike Lee, are impeccable. The soundtrack is great and the dialogue is so sharp that you can’t stop paying attention for a second.


As soon as the credits ran, I put it in my top 5 of 2018. It is a powerful, entertaining and weighty story. The performances are excellent and the script impeccable.

The distribution will be a bit skewed, but if you are lucky enough to see it on your nearest billboard, you cannot miss it!

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