Black Adam Producer Has An Update On The Dwayne Johnson Film’s Quality

Black Adam producer Hiram Garcia is more than a little excited about the quality of the Dwayne Johnson film after seeing some footage.

Black Adam Dwayne Johnson Quality

While audiences won’t get to see Black Adam for another six months, the people behind the film are extremely excited about what they think will be a high-quality movie. In particular, one of the producers for Black Adam says he recently got to see a director’s cut, and he believes that it’s quite the piece of work.

Dwayne Johnson is taking on the role of Black Adam, and it’s allowing the actor the ability to shed a sort of typecasting as “the hero.” The Rock’s first entry into the DCEU will see him play Black Adam, who happens to be one of the more powerful villains in that universe. While the villain is usually known for facing off against Billy Batson’s alter-ego in the comics, it seems likely he’s going to be facing off against some of the DCEU’s biggest heroes in the years to come. For now, the focus on Black Adam is just releasing the film later this summer.


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When it comes to that summer release date, it appears the movie is well on schedule. Speaking to Collider, producer Hiram Garcia made it clear that he really liked what he saw when he checked out a director’s cut of the film. In fact, he added that when he went in to see the early version of Black Adam, he expected to mostly learn how much more work needed to be done before the movie hit theaters.

Dwayne Johnson Black Adam Close

Garcia said that Black Adam is still in a very fresh and raw format because the special effects haven’t been added or polished yet. However, he said that the raw version of the story is very good and that’s got him quite excited for the finished product. The producer added that seeing Johnson take on the role of Black Adam on film was a treat and reinforced the idea that the former wrestler turned movie star was born to play the character. When he was able to see The Rock go up against several other characters in the film it was a “pinch-me moment.”

The producer also admitted that Black Adam was a bigger project than his team is used to working on and that seeing that it’s so good this early made him quite happy. Finally, he said that it has been awesome to be a part of the project and he believes that audiences are going to “dig” the finished product when it does finally release.

Black Adam is coming to theaters on July 29, 2022.

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Source: Collider

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Black Adam Producer Has An Update On The Dwayne Johnson Film’s Quality

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