Big Brother Vip, twenty-seventh episode: Francesca Cipriani abandons. Alex Belli disqualified

Big Brother Vip, twenty-seventh episode: Francesca Cipriani abandons. Alex Belli disqualified. Katia, Manuel, Carmen, Miriana, Lulù and Giucas decide to stay. Maria Monsè eliminated. Next Friday the decisions of the other competitors and the entry of three new VIPs. His the news minute by minute.

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01.39 The twenty-seventh episode of Big Brother Vip ends here. There live from returns December 17. Thanks for joining us. (Credits photo by Endemol press office)

01.32 Surprise for Manuel and Lulù who will spend the night in the ship of love

01.29 Signorini announces the entry of 3 new VIPs during Friday’s episode

01.21 Even Maria Monsè, the eliminated of the episode enters the studio

01.07 Francesca Cipriani in the studio

01.03 Giucas Casella remains

00.57 Back to the decisions of the VIPs, Carmen Russo remains

00.43 Samy attacks him: «For me you are one without a pal * and … you played very badly», Belli replies: «You have to save your ego». For Jo Squillo it is false, a traitor and a liar: “If it weren’t for the fact that here you were already saved from the second episode you would be out because people outside understood that you are false”

00.36 Belli in the studio: «Delia has always been the woman of my life. The connection with Soleil was incredible from the start and then it got out of hand. Soleil is in love with me too, it hurts me when she questions what we have been. I’m sorry to see her like this, I love her, we both had a direction both she who has a man outside and I who have a more important story, we wavered. When we kissed we were really angry, it was a trap “

00.31 Francesca leaves: “I have physical problems and I have to do some checks”

00.26 Gianmaria stays

00.23 Miriana stays

00.20 There will be no nominations tonight. Soleil’s voice is broken by tears: “I’m sad, if I put this armor on it’s because I find myself in front of people who swear eternal love to you and turn their faces”

00.05 Alex leaves the program with his wife

00.02 “Ruining and commodifying such a pure and ugly relationship in such an ugly and sinister way is really bad”. Signorini wants a confrontation between Delia and Soleil, but Duran refuses. Soleil: «The problem is not what happened under the covers, but your doubt about your marriage and about what you said and felt, unless you said a lot of bullshit, I stopped protecting you. The problem your wife should have is what she told me 5 minutes when you were considering something else. I don’t think I want to see it out, I’ll evaluate “

00.01 Belli “We wash the dirty clothes at home”, but Signorini is caustic: “You’ve been washing them in public for months”

23.57 Delia: “We have to talk about it outside.” Alex: «I told you, I’ve been wanting to go out for more than a week. I understand all of this. I wanted to go out, but the door was closed », Signorini:« The red one is closed but there are many others open ». Signorini asks Alex about Soleil’s reaction, Alex calls her, but Delia freezes him: “Continue?”

23.55 Belli: “I made a mistake but what I experienced here is all very light”, Delia: “I’m sorry but you have to win me back, then let’s go!”. Signorini: «Are you aware that not having respected the security measures you are out of Big Brother? You cannot go back to your friends’ house because they are in forced quarantine. Are you going home together now? “

11:53 PM Belli says he wants to go out and Delia provokes him: «How many times did you go to the red door and then go back? Would you like to go out? Get out, show me. I’m sick”. Soleil takes Alex’s suitcase and carries it to the garden: “you don’t need the red door to get out, you can also go there”

11:51 PM Alex goes into the garden, Delia is there: «I’m here to tell you that no one has abandoned you, but when I was on the train I saw yet another crap you’ve done in these three months. It was a trap but you fell for it, but since I have a dignity I decided that our story ends here. You had to say I prefer Delia and her love and I’m sorry you fell into that trap with that bitch. I’m leaving, you don’t deserve me, I deserve a man who respects me and you don’t. ” Belli doesn’t give a damn about the freez and runs to his wife to stop her and hug her.

23.49 Soleil: “The truth is that he is the one in love, I’m the one who has always held him back and now he throws everything on me”

11.48 Alex goes to the red door again saying he wants to leave, but this time the door is not locked as usual, and the actor backs off

23.44 Belli: «We have passed the point of no return for a while», Soleil: «I have not regretted because he gave me some answers, I regret the words dictated with anger». Alex warms up

23.38 New clip on the quarrel between Soleil and Alex which ends with Soleil’s passionate kiss and then download it

22.34 Belli resumes: “He has a man I have a wife, we don’t want to say goodbye but to say goodbye and go back to our lives”

23.27 Belli: “The words we give each other I and Soleil we hear, she is the greatest gift I could hope to find in the house, everything we experience is wonderful, but …” Signorini interrupts him for advertising

23.18 Delia is about to enter, but the first clip on the moments of love between Soleil and Alex

23.15 Lulu also remains

GF Vip, Katia Ricciarelli is getting married: «Outside I have a person. I hope I’m not wrong again “

23.12 Katia Ricciarelli remains: “I’d like to have some more fun if you like”

23.10 The first is Manuel Bortuzzo who decides to stay

23.08 Signorini will now only ask some VIPs if tonight they will have to abandon Big Brother Vip or will continue the game

23.06 Maria Monsè eliminated

GF Vip, Signorini unloads Belli, Delia and Soleil: «I’m embarrassed. Time will give all the answers “

23.01 Ricciarelli confirms that she met this mysterious man in Puglia

22.58 Let’s see the clip with Ricciarelli who admits: «I’m tired I want to get married in the white dress. Day after day this person who is very intelligent and cultured has conquered me. This person asks me to stay with him for the rest of his life and I didn’t say anything. It is definitely not passion, but it is much higher, thanks to the period I lived in here I understand a lot of things. It scares me now to say that I will be alone, I know that this person is there and this makes me feel calm. I think it’s the end of a life like mine and I hope I’m not wrong again. We always have another chance in life “

22.46 Ricciarelli confessed to Carmen and Soleil that she wants to get married. Signorini calls the two women into the confessional. Carmen confirms, Soleil: “She told me she is in love with a person”

22.41 Valeria Marini: «Maria is very sensitive and has had exaggerated reactions, there is no mention of vipers because they are not. We talk about character incompatibility “

22.40 The only one defending Maria is Soleil who defines them as vipers: “They crawl as usual and then go to their lair to gossip in a squalid way”

10:36 PM Jessica: «I am real from the first from the first day. I Maria welcomed her from day 1, at a certain point she wanted to change bed, we advised her not to do so ». Sophie: “It’s the whole house that voted for her, I’d ask myself a question, yes she says things but behind her back”

22.33 Signorini asks Monsè if she feels she has made a mistake given the rain of nominations: “I was wrong because I wanted to tell the truth, because this is a group of vipers with Lulu who is the most false”. The “vipers” would be: Jessica, Sophie, Lulu

22.25 They save themselves from televoting: Francesca, Carmen. It still remains to be understood who will come out between Sophie and Maria Monsè

22.12 Lulu and Manuel in the love boat. Let’s review the clip in which Manuel confesses his love for her “The emotions she makes me feel are too strong not to be experienced”

22.08 The first to escape are Miriana and Gianmaria

22.05 In nomination: Carmen Russo, Gianmaria Antinolfi, Francesca Cipriani, Maria Monsé, Miriana Trevisan and Sophie Codegoni

22.03 Signorini: «I am deeply embarrassed when we talk about the story between Alex and Soleil, is all we are seeing a story already written or the unpredictable result? Is it all fake or all true? I have an idea, but I can guarantee you that as a conductor I can tell you that I will limit myself to telling what happens in the good in the bad. Time will give all the answers “

22.00 Belli: «Soleil made me clear again, then in these days I tried to find my center. My state of mind is to go out, resume my real life that is falling apart, the one that is out of here. The one we built with Soleil is real and it’s beautiful, but it’s in here, I don’t know where we’re going “

GF Vip, Delia in tears: “Alex Belli disrespected me, I leave him”

21.54 The only one who did not receive a message was Alex Belli who comments: «I have three brothers, I was expecting at least one message, also because I needed a little encouragement». On air the clip with the fury of Belli

21.50 Clip on gifts from relatives to VIPs

21.49 Not all VIPs will say if they will leave this evening, one part will give the answer next Friday

21.44 Delia in the studio and comments on the kiss from Alex and Soleil: «I was on the train and I didn’t want to come anymore. I told him in a thousand ways to respect me and he didn’t, I decided to end our story “

21.40 The advances by Alfonso Signorini

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gfvip diretta delia belli 13172851

The long-awaited moment has come, that of the face-to-face showdown between Alex Belli and Delia Duran during the episode of Monday 10 December of Big Brother Vip.

Tonight the contestants will communicate the decision regarding their future: will any of them decide to leave the game? Among the almost certain names should be: Katia Ricciarelli, Aldo Montano and Manila Nazzaro. Manuel Bortuzzo still in doubt.

The latter and Lulu Selassié they are close again. They live moments of great affection and seem very close-knit, an approach that could delay its release, perhaps until after the Christmas holidays ?.

Nominated: Carmen Russo, Gianmaria Antinolfi, Francesca Cipriani, Maria Monsé, Miriana Trevisan and Sophie Codegoni. What will be the verdict of televoting?

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Big Brother Vip, twenty-seventh episode: Francesca Cipriani abandons. Alex Belli disqualified

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