Best of 2021: Shohei Ohtani, MLB’s new wonder

Reader friend of Seventh Entry, it is an honor for me to share with you ideas and concepts related to the wonderful world of baseball From this moment.

I want to make a count of the key moments in baseball during 2021 and I met many; as the two-time championship of the Tomateros de Culiacán in the LMP; the title of the Águilas Cibaeñas in the Caribbean Series; the revival of the LMB with an atypical 66-game season due to the pandemic and the large number of stars that played on our diamonds; the unforgettable Serie del Rey with the incredible return of the Tijuana Bulls; the Atlanta Braves’ pennant after a 26-year drought; the fantastic campaign of the Sonoran Julio Urías with the Dodgers and his 20 victories; and a not very pleasant one like the careless performance of the Mexican ninth in the Olympic Games.

But there was someone who caught my attention above all else and It is the Japanese Shohei Ohtani, “The new wonder of baseball.”

What would you call someone who is capable of hitting and pitching in the best baseball in the world? This is common in amateur baseball but not in professional baseball, where each player has a well-defined role according to their abilities.

For me Ohtani is a phenomenon, a machine to play baseball, someone out of the ordinary who has perhaps come to transform the game. The 27-year-old Japanese was named the AL MVP, thanks to his incredible campaign on the tree and on the mound.

What’s more, the Japanese received the distinction of opening the All-Star Game by the American League and appear in batting order as a designated hitter. To make matters worse, he finished the season with the highest WAR in all of baseball among hitters at 9.0.

It took 102 years for it to emerge a player capable of having this enormous ability to hit and pitch in A MajorNobody had done it since the great “Bambino” Babe Ruth’s exploits with the Boston Red Sox in 1919.

Ruth vs Ohtani sterile comparison?

Many do not like the comparison of eras and players, however, sometimes it is interesting. Let’s assume that in that Season of 1919 the calendar was 140 games compared to 162 of our times.

That year Ruth had an immense amount of defensive games in the RF and 1B, compared to Ohtani’s little activity on the ground covering the LF and RF, since in most of the games the Japanese appeared as a designated hitter.

Offensively Ruth had an AVG of 322 and led the departments of: R (110), HR (29), CP (113), OBP (456), SLG (627), OPS (1,114). In pitching he had the following records: IP (133), W (9), L (5), ERA (2.97), SO (30).

For his part Ohtani on offense had the following numbers: AVG .257, R (103), HR (46), CP (100), OBP (372), SLG (592), OPS (965). On the pitching hill he achieved the following record: IP (130), W (9), L (2), ERA (3.18).

We talk a little over a century of difference between the glorious time of the incomparable Babe and the consecration of Ohtani in 2021, needless to mention the difference in strength, speed and physique between one and the other, as well as how much the game has changed, so different and incomparable are the times, that Babe Ruth never played with colored players, the truth is that for Shohei Ohtani it must be a real privilege to be compared with the maximum universal figure of baseball something, which is no small thing.

“Revolution in Anaheim”

Surely for the inventors of the game it is not funny the fact that a Japanese comes to occupy the privileged place among the fans at the ball instead of one of their own, But since the Americans and the circus owners are not in a fight with their business, they have welcomed the impact on and off the field of play. of Ohtani in a market as important as Los Angeles.

Baseball and the industry are changing day by day so it would not be surprising if we soon see the duality of hitting and throwing in player development Shohei style, because like it or not, has come to revolutionize baseball and be a real spur for everyone in the “Big Show.”

Grateful for the space with my admired and respected friend as well as long-time colleague Miguel Boada, whom I had the honor of meeting in the unforgettable Social Security Sports Park in the beautiful and exciting work of a reporter a few decades ago.

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Best of 2021: Shohei Ohtani, MLB’s new wonder

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