Ben Affleck blames Joss Whedon for leaving the Batman and superhero movies

Ben Affleck blames Joss Whedon for leaving the Batman and superhero movies

In 2016, the DC Cinematic Universe aspired to become the rival of the already successful Marvel Cinematic Universe, but criticism was harsh on Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice (27%) Y Suicide Squad (25%), for that reason, the pressure was on Warner Bros. to do something different with League of Justice. The epic film had to be as great as The Avengers (92%), but instead, we had a major disappointment. Ben Affleck, who played Batman in the franchise, has described in a new interview that his experience with Justice League (41%) it was horrible and that led him to leave the movie The Batman and wanting to leave behind the superhero cinema.

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League of Justice it was a very ambitious project, but with Zack Snyder as a director, the studio was not very confident, as Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice it had been badly reviewed and had divided the fans. So as soon as they got the chance, they replaced Snyder with Joss Whedon, and with it came a very long season of reshoots that has been described as terrible by actors Ray Fisher, Gal Gadot Y Jason Momoa, plus some stuntmen.

At the beginning of 2017 Affleck was still in charge of directing, writing and starring. The Batman, but in the first months he left the director’s chair in the hands of Matt Reeves; Still I wanted to participate and be part of the project. However, after the ordeal with the reshoots of League of Justice in charge of Joss Whedon, the actor preferred to step aside, let The Batman take another course, and start working on other types of projects.

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In a recent interview with Los Angeles Times to promote The Tender Bar (53%), the actor described his experience in League of Justice as “the nadir”, that is, the lowest point of his career and of his time in superhero cinema:

It was simply the worst experience. It was horrible. It was all I didn’t like about this. That became the moment where I said, ‘I’m not going to do this anymore.’ ‘ It’s not even about Justice League being that bad, because it could result in anything.

Thanks to the actor’s courage Ray Fisher and of those who supported him, an investigation was carried out and it was found that Joss Whedon he did have a nefarious attitude with the members of the production of League of Justice, and for this he was fired from the HBO series The Nevers (44%). However, the damage he did cannot be repaired, and from various statements Affleck has made recently, everything seems to indicate that his participation as Batman in The Flash it will be his final farewell to the DC Comics universe.

Matt Reeves, for his part, he opted to reboot the Bat Man, and in 2022 it will hit theaters. The Batman, feature film that features Robert pattinson in the lead role. According to rumors, this is a different version than what we have seen before, which focuses on the detective aspects of the superhero.

After Snyder left the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) in 2017, and following the box office failure of League of Justice, the franchise has taken a very different tack, movies like Aquaman (73%), Shazam! (88%) Y Wonder Woman 1984 (76%), mark a new era in which it is all about pleasing the masses and leaving behind the dark and serious tapes.

Films for Black Adam, Batgirl and Blue Beetle are currently in development, as well as a series for Black Canary. We will also soon have the sequel to Shazam!, and a third installment of Wonder Woman with Gal Gadot back in the title role.

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Ben Affleck blames Joss Whedon for leaving the Batman and superhero movies

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