Believe and trust: Anthony Hopkins keys to fulfill your dreams

  • Anthony Hopkins spoke about his career and the keys to success; He said it was necessary to have ego strength and confidence.
  • The actor said that to meet your goals it is important to know yourself and understand your potential.
  • In his talk, Hopkins emphasized that people, especially young people, have immense inner power that they do not yet understand.

It is important to pursue our dreams, but what drives us to achieve it? The actor and Oscar winner, Anthony Hopkins, explained some ways to be successful, this in his talk in Mexico Siglo XXI.

“Believe you can and you will. Just believe in yourself. Have confidence in yourself. People may say that this is presumptuous, but it is not, “he declared during his talk.

The artist, who also paints and composes music, added that to achieve our goals, you also need to have a strong ego.

«You must have ego strength and confidence. Otherwise, faced with fear or anxiety, we would never survive as a species, “he said.

Hopkins delved into the importance of knowing yourself in order to understand your potential. To do this, he emphasized the problems he had as a child, because he was not a good student.

He mentioned the time his parents received his report card, stating that Hopkins was below the level allowed by the school. In that instant, he promised them that he would be successful.

“I am not a psychologist, I am not a philosopher or a neurosurgeon, but my theory is that, at that moment, when I told my doubts and insecurities’ go away, leave me alone; I’m sick of living depressed, with fear and anxiety ‘, something happened. In four months, I think what I did was turn on the switch or put the key in the engine of my life, “he said.

The actor referred to the scholarship he was awarded to study acting; from the very first audition to do “Hamlet,” he stayed with the company. This was just the beginning of his career.

“I look back and say ‘I don’t think that happened; I couldn’t have done it ‘(…). But there was something in me that held me and still holds me; I do not know what it is. Although I have an idea, it is about higher consciousness (…). Thus began the journey and here I am today, 66 years later. I don’t know why I became an actor, I have no idea, “he commented.

In his talk, he emphasized that people, especially young people, have immense inner power.

«You have an inner power that you still cannot understand. Find the key. Ask for it to be granted to you, ”he asserted.

México Siglo XXI, an event where Anthony Hopkins spoke, is organized by the TELMEX Telcel Foundation and takes place this Friday. Carlos Slim Domit, Indra Nooyi, Satya Nadella, Tom Brady and Arturo Elías Ayub participate in this edition.

The trajectory of Anthony Hopkins

Actor Anthony Hopkins was born in Port Talbot, United Kingdom, in 1937.

During his career, he has participated in around 100 films, including “Magic”, “The Elephant Man”, “Do you know Joe Black?”, “Hitchcok” and “The two Popes”.

However, there are two films that reaffirm his performance in the performing arts: “The Silence of the Innocents” and “The Father.” For both he won the Oscar for Best Actor, this in the awards of 1992 and 2021. With the latter, he became the oldest artist to receive this recognition.

He has been nominated for these awards for both Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor for productions such as “The Remains of the Day,” “Nixon,” “Friendship,” and “The Two Papas.”

Other recognitions that Hopkins has won are the Cecil B. DeMille Awards for his prolific career (awarded at the Golden Globes), five BAFTAs, three Emmys, the Donostia at the San Sebastian Festival and the Film Critics Award for Best Supporting Actor .

He is a Knight of the Order of the British Empire, the highest honor bestowed by Queen Elizabeth II.

However, despite his talent and intelligence, the actor had a difficult childhood. In 2002, he declared The New York Times that he had learning disabilities, which caused him to withdraw from loved ones.

“I felt the dumbest in the class, maybe I had learning problems, but I was unable to understand anything. My childhood was useless and entirely confused. Everybody ridiculed me, “he said.

But his luck changed soon after.

“(Richard Burton, also an actor and whom he met in his youth) told me that he became an actor because he was not worth any job. Then he got into his Jaguar and drove off. You didn’t see many cars like this in the postwar period. At that moment I understood that I needed to get out of there. Stop being who you were. Be rich and famous. And I began to dream of living in the United States, “he declared, according to The country.

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Believe and trust: Anthony Hopkins keys to fulfill your dreams

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