Bad Bunny in Mexico 2022: Will there be a concert by the reggaeton player in the country?

Bad Bunny or Benito Antonio Martínez He is one of the most important singers and composers of today, so wherever he appears he generates great emotion among his fans and when talking about his concerts the emotion is no less since the tickets to see him live are usually sold out quickly. If you do not want to miss it, below we show you the latest that is known about whether to do a presentation in Mexico in 2022 or not.

The “Last World Tour 2022”, the next tour of live presentations of the Puerto Rican known as the most famous exponent of the trap latino and from reggaeton is underway and the famous singer has already announced performances throughout U.S in the most important arenas of this country.

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Will there be a Bad Bunny concert in Mexico in 2022?

The Grammy winner He is ready to start 2022 with all the attitude in a series of presentations where fans from all over the United States can enjoy his most popular songs such as “Yonaguni” and “Sorry bb”.

Bad Bunny will make no less than 36 presentations in the most important arenas of the United States, and also some in Canada, but the Puerto Rican is expected to continue with his tour of the most important cities in Latin America, but so far the dates of his presentations have not been announced.

So far the famous singer and reggaeton player has not announced any presentation in the Mexican republicHowever, it is expected that more dates will continue to be announced soon to delight the large audience that it has. Bad Bunny throughout the country during the next year 2022, taking advantage of the fact that each time the restrictions for this type of events are less.

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For now, Mexicans who want to enjoy some of the live shows at the “Last World Tour 2022“They will have to look for a date from those available in U.SHowever, since the sale of tickets began on April 15, 2021, tickets to attend were quickly sold out.

Some of the cities in which he will be performing are Denver, El Paso, Hidalgo, Houston, Dallas, San Diego, Los Angeles, Inglewood, Portland, Seattle, San José, Las Vegas Phoenix, Rosemont, Toronto, Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Boston , Washington, Atlanta, Orlando, Miami and Charlotte in the United States, likewise you can also enjoy its good rhythm in Montreal, Canada.

How much do Bad Bunny concert tickets cost?

The concerts of the “Last World Tour 2022” depend on the place you want to go to enjoy the music, good atmosphere and so distinctive voice of Bad Bunny, so according to the site of Ticketmaster These range from 205 dollars that is, between 4,400 Mexican pesos up to 5,400 dollars, that is, about 113,400 Mexican pesos in case you want to be face to face with the Puerto Rican in Denver.

To go to the concert in Portland, Oregon, the cost starts at $ 125 around 2,500 Mexican pesos and the highest is at $ 2,416, that is, 50 thousand pesos.

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Bad Bunny in Mexico 2022: Will there be a concert by the reggaeton player in the country?

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