Ayu Ting Ting admits she was pregnant first, here are 4 facts about her relationship with Ivan Gunawan: Okezone Celebrity

AYU Ting Ting and Ivan Gunawan often appear intimate, which creates a public commotion. They are already very familiar, even the problems of each other’s life already know each other.

Both are even predicted to have a fairly serious relationship. So what are the facts? Let’s look at the following 4 facts about the relationship between Ayu Ting Ting and Ivan Gunawan.

Not a regular, friendly friend

Ayu and Igun often joked when asked about their relationship. Ivan Gunawan even admitted that he wanted to propose to Rozaq’s father’s son.

A few moments ago, Igun appeared on social media by uploading a portrait kissing Ayu’s cheek.

Quoted through a video clip uploaded by the @lambepelakor_ account on Instagram, Igun admitted that he had received a challenge from Ayu to upload the intimate portrait.

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“Yesterday I was challenged with him, I took a photo, then I said ‘I can kiss you okay’, he said, ‘Just kiss it’, I kissed it. Then when the photo was finished, he said, ‘You dare not post it, don’t you dare, for sure You don’t dare, do you,” said Igun.

Let’s give the terms of delivery of IDR 5 billion

It’s been a long time in a relationship without clarity, Igun seems to want to immediately propose to Ayu.

In the event that was hosted by them, Ayu and Igun had time to joke with each other about the application procession. Igun also gave a code to Ayu who was discussing the submission of the application.

“In fact, if it’s a surrender, who actually buys it?” he asked

“Yes, it’s the boys who have to buy and do what the girls want,” said Ayu.

Not wanting to complicate things, Igun instead asked Ayu to buy her own gifts.

“Later, if it’s me, you just buy it yourself, Yu, you’ll assemble it yourself.”

However, Ayu instead provides a minimum requirement of money for the delivery fee, you know.

“Why, how much money do you have? Little or a lot? Now, if you want to be with me, give up at least IDR 5 billion,” said Ayu Ting Ting.

Get parental approval

On Igun’s 40th birthday, last December 31, Igun’s mother seemed to give special greetings and prayers.

“Yes, I have prayed for Ayu to have two grandchildren,” said Erna Gunawan.

Igun was the first person to know Ayu was pregnant first

After a long time not bringing up her past with her ex-husband, Ayu finally openly alludes to her pregnancy 8 years ago.

Through a television program, Ayu confessed that Ivan Gunawan was the first to find out about her pregnancy outside the marriage.

“What was the reaction when you found out you were pregnant, Yu?” Igun asked.

“I immediately called you (Ivan Gunawan) at that time,” replied the singer.

Ayu’s panic apparently also made Igun nervous. He even admitted that he was confused with the father of the fetus, lohz

“How is it A’, is he the father?” Ayu asked Igun when she found out that she was pregnant.

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Ayu Ting Ting admits she was pregnant first, here are 4 facts about her relationship with Ivan Gunawan: Okezone Celebrity

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