Ayu Azhari’s Son Beaten, Perpetrator of a Famous Artist’s Child? : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Axel Djody, son Ayu Azhari | just had an unpleasant incident. He is suspected of being abused by an unknown man. That said, the perpetrator is also suspected to be the son of a famous artist.

Axel admitted that he did not know the figure of the man who was suspected of having beaten him. This was conveyed to Sunan Kalijaga as his legal representative.

“I don’t know at all,” said Sunan Kalijaga.

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Even so, Sunan explained that the perpetrator was allegedly not a random person. Sunan said the client had received information regarding the identity of the perpetrator.

Investigate a calibaration, the man who beat Ayu Azhari’s biological son is also the son of a famous artist.

“However, he received information that the perpetrator was the one who attacked him when he was about to separate, to intervene, an incident that this is his son, who can be said to be a famous artist,” he said again.

Furthermore, Sunan assessed that the client was forced to fight to defend himself from the man’s attack. Sunan said that if Axel chose to remain silent, it would be the client who would be destroyed.

“As far as I know, this child has moved with me, so I can judge emotionally, he must be able to calm it down,” said Sunan Kalijaga.

“That’s why his language is ‘ana jihad because he was attacked by people. So he has to do something, otherwise he might be the one who was destroyed like that,” he added.

From this incident, Axel not only suffered physical losses. Sunan added that his client also suffered material losses.

“Earlier, Axel conveyed that there was a loss beyond the physical value experienced. His gold necklace was broken or damaged, he had a bag with him. So this is not only a physical loss but also a material loss,” said Sunan.

As a lawyer, Sunan admitted that he would fight for the client’s rights to get compensation from the incident. However, Sunan did not forget to advise his client not to demand what is outside his party’s rights.

“Yesterday I also said, ‘bro, we shouldn’t ask for something more than what we have experienced,’ said Sunan.

“That’s what we said, I said, I don’t want to ask for more or it’s unreasonable,” he continued.

Meanwhile, Ayu Azhari allegedly did not know what happened to the child. Sunan also assessed that Axel deliberately did this not to involve the mother in the matter he was facing.

“Incidentally, Axel’s mother is Ms. Ayu Azhari, I also know her well, but for this incident there has been no communication and as far as I know Axel is not my mother’s child,” he concluded.

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Ayu Azhari’s Son Beaten, Perpetrator of a Famous Artist’s Child? : Okezone Celebrity

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