Kylie Jenner and her daughter Stormi were at Travis Scott’s tragic concert

Kylie Jenner and her daughter Stormi were at Travis Scotts

Last night there was a real tragedy at the Astroworld Festival in Houston, while Travis Scott was performing on his stage. Eight people were crushed to death because, as the area fire chief reported, an avalanche “compressed the crowd”. The rapper’s name has been a topic of conversation for the last few hours, although there … Read more

Omicron, WHO optimism after data from Great Britain: “The end of the pandemic is getting closer and closer”

Omicron WHO optimism after data from Great Britain The end

The end of the pandemic it is getting closer and closer. The most comforting data comes from Great Britain, where Omicron infections are decreasing: for this reason it could become the first country to enter an endemic phase of coexistence with the virus. “Looking at things from the UK’s point of view, there seems to … Read more

GIULIA MOLINO, “Like the rock stars is the new single:” Love is energy, not a dark room in which to lock yourself up and look for your faults “

GIULIA MOLINO Like the rock stars is the new single

Giulia Molino Like rock stars text and meaning of the new single already released on digital platforms on December 17 for Island of the Artists with distribution ADA Music Italy and, from 21 January, available in radio rotation. The piece bears the signature of Giulia Molino for the lyrics, while the music was composed with … Read more

Napoli wins in Bologna, two goals from Lozano. Spalletti smiles: Osimhen is back

Napoli wins in Bologna two goals from Lozano Spalletti smiles

Napoli finds men, play and authority, goes to Dall’Ara and gets closer to the Milanese. Lozano’s brace launches the Azzurri against Bologna (0-2), who woke up too late after a time and a half controlled without too many problems by Spalletti’s team. The Napoli coach also smiles because he sees Osimhen on the pitch. The … Read more

In the Hollywood Hills, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are aiming for $35 million

In the Hollywood Hills Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have a prized property on their hands, and they want a near-record sum for it. The couple just put their colossal Hollywood Hills compound up for sale for $35 million, and if they get their price, it will be one of the biggest sales in the neighborhood’s history. Unlike western … Read more

World Composer’s Day: a path paved by great names – music non stop

World Composers Day a path paved by great names

short Music Non Stop no Facebook When it comes to music, Brazil is a fertile cradle of great names, recognized throughout the world for their talents, which leave indelible marks on erudite and popular works. We are musical – there’s no denying it – and everyone who loves good music loves some Brazilian music. To … Read more

L’Oroscopo di Paolo Fox per la settimana dal 17 gennaio: la classifica dei segni zodiacali

LOroscopo di Paolo Fox per la settimana dal 17 gennaio

Paolo Fox torna con l‘Oroscopo della Settimana e la consueta classifica. In diretta dallo studio de I Fatti Vostri l’astrologo interpreta le previsioni delle stelle per la settimana che va da lunedì 17 gennaio e dispensa consigli per i segni zodiacali. Ecco tutte le posizioni, dalla dodicesima alla prima. Il podio potrà contare su un maggiore favore degli … Read more

Green pass mandatory in shops, but not in all: these are the exceptions. The new rules

Green pass mandatory in shops but not in all these

Change the color system: this is the request that emerged in the open confrontation between the minister Roberto Speranza and the Regions, which ask the government to modify the rules for ward off new closures. As reported by the Corriere, Speranza believes that the risk bands were necessary to distinguish levels of contagion and measures … Read more

Zayn Malik regresa a las redes sociales con una nueva selfie después de una pausa de varias semanas

Zayn Malik regresa a las redes sociales con una nueva

¡Zayn Malik ha regresado a Instagram! El cantautor de 29 años compartió una oscura selfie en la aplicación de redes sociales el pasado viernes, su primera publicación en Instagram en más de un mes. Te va a interesar: A meses después de su ruptura con Gigi Hadid, Zayn Malik es visto usando una app de citas … Read more

REVIEW: Bowie’s album “Toy” goes back to the artist’s discography. Rightly so – it’s great

REVIEW Bowies album Toy goes back to the artists discography

Even such unquestionable musical authorities as David Bowie are sometimes under pressure from the publisher and his business world vision. Then it can easily happen that the finished recording stays on the ice and unreleased for many years. Such was the fate of Bowie’s album “Toy”, recorded in 2000 and officially released only now. David … Read more

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