Aurora Ramazzotti defends Paola Di Benedetto from the haters: “If we talk about it, it’s because we need it”

Words so aggressive to the unfiltered photo of Paola Di Benedetto no one expected them, not even a social media regular like Aurora Ramazzotti, which has made imperfection its mantra. Yet the reaction of Michelle Hunziker’s daughter was inevitable when, scrolling through the Corriere’s social page, she found the tenor of the comments against Paola Di Benedetto.

“I am human. And I don’t want to be perfect. To you who at this moment read and you suck: you are fine exactly as you are », the showgirl told the newspaper, showing her face marked by acne. Statements that users have defined as insincere, seen and considered the aesthetic interventions to which Di Benedetto has undergone in the past years. Hence an avalanche of insults and denigration.

Aurora Ramazzotti’s reaction to comments against Paola Di Bendetto

After taking a couple of days to find the right words, Aurora Ramazzotti has decided to answer all hater of the colleague through their social profile. «I’ll make a premise – begins Aurora -. When a character expresses an opinion on his profile of any social network and this opinion is taken and reposted on another profile that has nothing to do with that character, logically, comments will be encountered in contrast with the character’s opinion, because whoever follows that profile is not necessarily whoever follows the character. And this is fine because social networks are also made for comparison! “

“But how is it possible that something as prestigious as having been reposted from the page of Corriere della Sera has turned into a nightmare? I speak for myself, but I think I do it for everyone, because every time I ended up on that page and went to read the comments, I felt like crying “, admits the presenter, who despite her young age has often exposed herself to delicate topics such as the body positivity and cat calling, sparking mixed reactions among followers.

“Not so much because there were a billion bad comments, but because they were out of context: people don’t go and comment on what you’re saying, like cat calling, a very divisive topic. There were comments down there all aimed at destroying me. Comments decontextualized, bad and sexist », Aurora Ramazzotti explains regretfully, before getting to the heart of the issue that involved (and overwhelmed her friend). “I’m very sorry and I can’t understand how beautiful something like what Paola said (Di Benedetto, ed) can arouse so much wickedness in people: how can you not see the beauty in these things? ».

“If we talk about it it is because there is a need – continues the daughter of Eros Ramazzotti -. And if you are tired and wonder why we are so overwhelmed with posts on movements like LGBTQ + rights, feminism and body positivity, ask yourself one more question. Why do we do this? Why is it needed! Because our society is built on the wrong, backward, sickly foundations that have screwed up generations! You too know very well that things have been wrong up to now and that somehow they must change. And how do things change? Breaking the c *** o. 3 posts are not enough, you need a billion, so get used to it »concludes Aurora, who always knows.

Last updated: Friday 24 December 2021, 14:49


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Aurora Ramazzotti defends Paola Di Benedetto from the haters: “If we talk about it, it’s because we need it”

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