Appearing Stunning, Charisma from Yogyakarta Eliminated from the Top 9 KDI 2021 : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Charisma, a contestant from Yogyakarta must accept the final results of the final 9 of the 2021 KDI Contest, on Monday (12/13/2021) night. He ended his run in the competition and went home with his head held high.

He sang a song Why are you angry Azmin Cayder’s creation was very stunning and received a positive response from the judges. Dear, audience support through voting could not help him qualify for the round of 8.

“Charisma is good, even though her performance of singing the song is less coquettish. In my opinion, he is less flirtatious. But vocally progress (progress) he is very good,” said Iis Dahlia as the judge of the 2021 KDI Contest,

A similar statement was also expressed by another jury, Pasha Ungu. He considered, the contestants showed improved performance. “The stage mastery of each participant is very good because some are indeed talented. Overall, their development is very good,” he said.

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For Charisma, the results she received that night was not the end of her journey. He thanked everyone, including the judges and fans who had supported him during the 2021 KDI Contest.

“Maybe, it’s not my luck to last longer in this competition. I’m sorry if I haven’t been able to give my best in my appearance,” said the contestant in his farewell speech.

The 2021 KDI contest on December 13, 2021 was also enlivened by the appearance of a series of guest stars. Apart from the dancer Takupaz, there is also Marvin KDI and the tarot card reader and illusionist Marcel Wenn.

Now the KDI 2021 Contest stage leaves eight participants consisting of Andina Kayla (15 years old, Deli Serdang, North Sumatra), Puput (17 years old, Balikpapan, East Kalimantan), Sabela (18 years old, Semarang, Central Java), and Nisa (20 years, Bandung, West Java).

While the other four participants were Iko (21 years old, Bima, West Nusa Tenggara), Rizky (27 years old, Karanganyar, Central Java), Zunta (25 years old, Rembang, Central Java), and Bunga (15 years old, Jakarta).

KDI 2021 has many surprises and is definitely more interesting than the previous year’s event. In addition to capable vocals, the participants have very varied unique talents. This year’s event is also supported by the presence of qualified judges and contestants.

Watch the excitement of the next 2021 KDI Contest on December 20, at 19.30 WIB only on MNCTV Always in the Heart. You can also watch this popular dangdut music talent search event live streaming via the RCTI+ and Vision+ apps.*


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Appearing Stunning, Charisma from Yogyakarta Eliminated from the Top 9 KDI 2021 : Okezone Celebrity

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