Allyson Felix, Queen of the Oval

For some athletes, winning medals can become a vice encouraged by external pressures. Others manage to make the hunger for triumph a virtue that keeps them in the elite for much longer, achieve incredible records and enter history.

It happens to the American Allyson Felix, who before the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 + 1 already deserved a place in this section. But she was not content with sharing the top of world athletics: she wanted to be the absolute queen; for that he challenged nature and Nike herself.

During the great event, Felix made the news, not only for becoming the woman with the most athletics medals, and the athlete – without distinction of sex – with the most metals achieved on the track (11), but above all for her feat of returning to the elite with 35 years, after being a mother and fighting for a sponsor to attend Tokyo.

Allyson Michelle Felix was born on November 18, 1985 in Los Angeles, California. From a young age, he stood out as a promise of athletics. In 2001 she was proclaimed the youth world champion of the 100 meters, and in the 2003 Pan American Games she won bronze in the 200, when she was not yet 18.

Then it was time to impress the world at the Olympic Games in Athens ’04, where he won a silver medal in the 200 meters, including a youth world record. A star was born: it had the peculiarity of shining in two races as different as the 200 and 400 meters, and reaping good results in the 100.

Thus began Allyson’s golden story, widened in Beijing ’08 with another second place in the double hectometer and the title in the 4 × 400 relay. That story had its climax in London’12, when he won titles in the 200s and in the relays, both the 4 × 400 and the 4 × 100.

Four years later, in Rio de Janeiro’16, he returned to the top of the Olympic podium as a member of the two posts of the American relay, and added another silver medal, this time in the 400.

During those years he had gotten tired of collecting medals at the World Championships, 12 years apart (Helsinki 2005-London 2017). Felix achieved 16 medals in those appointments: 11 gold, three silver and two bronze, spread over his four events.

After the 2017 London World Cup, Camryn -her daughter- arrived, and there began another battle that would make her an even greater athlete. Ten months after giving birth, she participated in the universal event in Doha, where she won her twelfth title in the recently launched mixed 4x400m relay event; in addition, it gave the classification to the 4 × 400 female post, ultimately champion.

In Tokyo, Felix finished writing his legend on the slopes in style: he took bronze in the 400 meters and broke the tie at nine Olympic medals with Merlene Ottey. Then she said goodbye as the greatest, when the post of her country won the women’s 4 × 400.

Allyson Felix is ​​not an example of a great athlete just because of her triumphs and medals. Her history of overcoming and defending the right to motherhood of sportswomen make her a great champion on and off the track.

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Allyson Felix, Queen of the Oval

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