All TV series to be released on Prime Video in January 2022

Few new series for Prime Video, which in the first month of the new year, launches only three original products. An Italian series, with Fabrizio Bentivoglio and a second As we see it, about a group of kids with problems, and finally an animated fantasy series. For the rest, it focuses on the seasons of other licensed series, that is, not made in house.

All TV series to be released on Prime Video in January 2022

MONTEROSSI – From January 17th

Fabrizio Bentivoglio di Monterossi, Italian Prime Video series, adaptation of Alessandro Robecchi’s novels written and directed by Roan Johnson. Monterossi is a TV writer who becomes a detective by chance.One evening like many others, while sipping a glass of his favorite whiskey in his beautiful Milanese home, Carlo Monterossi is disturbed by the sound of that video intercom that he never wanted to know how to work. But at the door, instead of a bellboy, he finds a guy with a covered face and a gun. Thus began the adventures of Monterossi, from a missed encounter with death, in which he is saved only by chance. Detective by chance, out of anger and human curiosity, always poised between ironic indolence and blues yearning, in his search for the truth Carlo Monterossi will have to confront a couple of cultured and professional killers, two gypsies looking for revenge, collectors and smugglers of Nazi-fascist souvenirs, incredible personal exchanges, a woman who seems to have lived several times and a cruel past that returns and leaves indecipherable clues behind.

AS WE SEE IT – Dal 21 gennaio

As We See It is an eight-episode series that follows the stories of Jack (Rick Glassman), Harrison (Albert Rutecki), and Violet (Sue Ann Pien), housemates in their early twenties all on the autism spectrum, as they struggle to getting and keeping a job, making friends, falling in love and navigating a world that avoids them. With the help of their families, carers, and sometimes even lending a hand to each other, the three roommates face setbacks and celebrate triumphs on their very personal journey to independence and acceptance.

THE LEGEND OF VOX MACHINA – from January 28th

The Legend of Vox Machina is an animated fantasy adventure series for adults that follows the Vox Machina, a gang of misfits with a passion for booze and brawling. Desperate to pay the ever-increasing bill, these unlikely heroes end up trying to save the kingdom of Exandria from the dark magical forces. From a sinister soothsayer to a powerful curse, the group faces a series of obstacles that test not only their skills, but the strength of their bond as well.

Below are the other non-original series with their release dates.

1 Saturday

The Big Bang Theory s.12
Casa Vianello s.4-5-6
The Good Doctor s.4
The high school students 1-3
Riverdale s.5
Supernatural s.14
The Night Shift s.1-4
The Vampire Diaries s.1-7

10 Monday – Unforgettable s.1-4

15 Saturday – SWAT s.1-4

20 Thursday – What’s Anna s.1 e Ready music Play s.2 (serie per ragazzi)

31 Monday – Stargate SG-1 s.1-10; Hunter X Hunter s.1 episodi 37-75

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All TV series to be released on Prime Video in January 2022

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