Airing Today, Anrez Adelio & Ersya Aurel Turn Boy & Reva’s Romance on Street Children A New Beginning GTV : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Today at 19.45 WIB on GTV, Anrez Adelio, Ersya Aurel, Angga Putra, Aditya Suryo, Camela Van de Kruk, Rizky Djanbi, Catherine Elshad, James Thomas to Cakrawala Airawan are ready to show stunning acting in Street Children A New Beginning.

Playing the character Boy who has a complicated love story with Reva, played by Ersya Aurel, Anrez Adelio admits that the romance in Street Children A New Beginning is not like a love story in general.

“The romance is also different, the romance is funny, like Tom & Jerry. On the one hand, they are resentful but on the one hand they keep meeting each other, so it’s really fun. Things that relate like this will get stuck in the audience, I hope you like it. It’s very similar to my crush, at first I was annoyed but I met each other, “it could be like that,” said Anrez Adelio (12/12/21).


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Plus, when shooting romantic scenes, there is no longer an awkward impression between Anrez and Ersya. Both admitted that they fit together and believed they could maximize the romance between Boy & Reva.

“Incidentally, Anrez and I have worked together before. Even though it’s short, it really helps the current chemistry, because we’ve known each other before. So you already know how to build chemistry, how to do good tektokan. So it’s just flowing here, especially when playing Boy and Reva, so it’s not too difficult for me. He is really nice to talk to,” explained Ersya Aurel (12/12/21).

Playing characters who get extraordinary love from the people of Indonesia, Anrez Adelio and Ersya Aurel did not avoid the pressure to play Boy & Reva as much as possible. Well, it’s cool, both Anrez and Ersya admit that they don’t want to be imagined and instead want to provide a unique viewing experience in Street Children A New Beginning.

“Excited for sure, this is a very big responsibility to play Reva’s role. There is joy too, because this is an opportunity too, because there are so many street children. So I think this is also a challenge for me, how can I play my version of Reva, ..and I really don’t want to compete, I don’t want to compete with the old Reva. He’s my friend too. In essence, I’m more concerned with how I can make the audience, who already really misses Reva, can finally watch Reva again, with a new version. Ersya’s version of Reva.” said Ersya Aurel (12/12/21).

Moreover, it turns out that there are many similarities between the personalities of Anrez Adelio & Ersya Aurel and the characters Boy & Reva in Street Children A New Beginning. “If this boy is basically a cool guy, he talks a little and acts a lot. If I’m a real person, I’m cheerful, I like to talk here and there, I like to learn new things. But I and this Boy character both like motorbikes, so active, the child can’t sit still,” Anrez said with a laugh (12/12/21).

Ersya Aurel agrees with this as the actor Reva. “Reva can be tomboyish but can also be feminine. His character when he’s at home can be very spoiled, daddy’s little princess is really. Meanwhile, when he is outside the house, when Reva has to face Boy, he is not afraid to make an opinion, he is also gassy. So I really like playing characters like this,” explained Ersya (12/12/21).

The combination of fierce conflicts, love stories, the dynamics of family life to the daily polemics that are so familiar with our lives are ready to be presented with a deep appreciation of the acting of Anrez Adelio & Ersya Aurel guaranteed to keep you entertained, involved in conflict and of course baper.

Look forward to Amazing Drama, Street Children A New Beginning starting tomorrow airing every day at 19.45 WIB only on GTV. Follow the TikTok account and Instagram @officialgtvid to get complete info, the latest updates and interesting content. You can also watch Street Children’s Show A New Beginning on the RCTI+ and Vision+ applications.

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Airing Today, Anrez Adelio & Ersya Aurel Turn Boy & Reva’s Romance on Street Children A New Beginning GTV : Okezone Celebrity

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