Agrigento, explosion causes three buildings to collapse. The missing are sought, a living woman answers from the rubble

Explosion caused the collapse of at least three buildings a Ravanusa (Agrigento). It would be 12 i missing, including three children it’s a pregnant woman. After more than two hours of putting out the fire and other difficulties due to gas pockets in the area, they desperately search under the rubble.

Ravanusa, the missing are sought. A woman screams from the rubble

The explosion caused the collapse of at least three buildings. The explosion occurred around 8.30 pm and until after 11 pm the firefighters had to put out the flames that developed after the roar. In the collapse of the buildings in via Trilussa in Ravanusa (Agrigento) 12 people would be missing, including three children and a young married couple with her pregnant.
In Ravanusa on the site of the explosion of a city gas pipeline that caused the collapse of several buildings, in addition to the firefighters of Palermo, Usar teams (search under the rubble) are arriving from Messina and Catania. The missing, including three children and a pregnant woman, would be 12. Rescuers scream, looking for them.
A woman was spotted under the rubble of one of the collapsed buildings in the center of Ravanusa. She is alive and screaming. The firefighters are trying to get it out, but it’s not easy because there are constant gas leaks that the firefighters themselves are trying to stop.

«A huge fire that allowed someone to be able to get out of the apartments and escape. We have many missing, probably 11. But there is some good news: we managed to hear voices from under the rubble and after turning off the gas we are starting to dig through the rubble to save as many people as possible ». This was stated by Colonel Vittorio Stingo, provincial commander of the Carabinieri of Agrigento

Ravanusa, civil protection: “It looks like Beirut”

«It looks like Beirut. The images that come to us from Ravanusa with broken glass, debris on the ground and rubble, rubble thrown tens of meters from the site of the explosion ». To tell Adnkronos it is Except kitchen, the head of the regional department of Civil protection, who is on his way to Ravanusa, in the Agrigento area, where at least 12, including a pregnant woman and some children, are allegedly missing in the collapse of a building. In addition to the firefighters and Usar specialized teams in the search for missing persons and dog lovers, there were also dozens of volunteers. The light towers and ambulances have already arrived. “We are ready to search in the rubble as soon as the area is made safe,” Cocina says. There were also 22 volunteers of the Red Cross, in addition to the Ravanusa unit, who arrived from Licata, Palma di Montechiaro and Canicattì.
At dawn tomorrow a special investigation team of the Fire Brigade will arrive in Ravanusa for an inspection in the area of ​​the explosion. The flames have been extinguished but there are still pockets of gas and it is not possible to operate safely on the rubble, as the head of Civil Protection Salvo Cocina told Adnkronos.


“A great tragedy has hit my country. There are more than three buildings affected by the collapses and at least nine should be missing. A few minutes ago we had the news of a lady who made herself heard by the fire brigade. We hope to find other living people too ». This was told to Rainews 24 by the mayor of Ravanusa, Carmelo D’Angelo, adding: “There is a problem of a gas leak that we have not been able to stop yet”. Dozens of displaced people were welcomed in structures made available by the municipal administration. “There is a great collaboration also from neighboring countries, aid has also arrived from other provinces”, he added, inviting his fellow citizens “to stay away from this area so as not to disturb the work of the rescuers”

Ravanusa, the prosecutor: “Now the rescue, then the investigations”

“This is the time for help. Tomorrow morning, when the special team of firefighters from Palermo will intervene, the Prosecutor’s Office will also intervene. At the moment we have news of missing people, we have to wait and understand ». The said Prosecutor of Agrigento, Luigi Patronaggio regarding the explosion that devastated via Trilussa a Ravanusa. The Agrigento prosecutor’s office is responsible for the investigation into the explosion that destroyed buildings and where 12 people are reported missing.

Ravanusa, the explosion possibly caused by a failure in the pipeline

Immediately after the collapse, the hypothesis was advanced that the explosion could have been caused by the explosion of a cylinder. Subsequently, another hypothesis took shape: that of a failure in the pipes of the city gas pipeline. Italgas technicians also intervened on site to secure the network. The regional civil protection says that the flames, released after the explosion in via Trilussa in Ravanusa, have been extinguished but “gas pockets of the city network prevent safe access to the rubble.”

Ravanusa, the mayor: “A disaster, we need help”

The mayor of Ravanusa, Carmelo D’Angelo launched an appeal immediately after the collapse of the building: «Anyone who has tank trucks and mechanical means give us a hand. It is a disaster”. The buildings destroyed or damaged by the outbreak of the city pipeline are located between the streets of Peace, Galilei, Trilussa and Nuoro.

Ravanusa, arriving from Palermo firefighters and dog units

Two earthmoving teams, one of the dog unit, a team that works with drones and experts in research under the rubble of the Palermo firefighters left to reach Ravanusa, where following the explosion of a gas pipeline pipe it collapsed one building and three were damaged. 12 people are missing in the disaster.

It all started with a loud roar that broke the silence of a normal Saturday night in Ravanusa. Then – whoever looked out the windows – saw the flames, very high, and the collapse of a building in via Galilei. The fragments of the house were thrown several meters away from the place of the drama.


Ithe mayor of Ravanusa, Carmelo D’Angelo he launched an appeal: «Anyone who has tankers and mechanical means give us a hand. It is a disaster”. In via Galileo Galilei many are arriving to bring help and try to save those who remained under the rubble.

In fact, numerous teams of volunteers from the Civil Protection, the firefighters and the Red Cross, coming from different municipalities in the Agrigento area, are on their way to Ravanusa. Rescuers are busy searching for some missing people who have not yet been traced. In particular, they accepted the appeal launched by the mayor of Ravanusa Carmelo D’Angelo, who asked for the intervention of men and means, the mayors of Licata, Palma di Montechiaro and Naro.


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Agrigento, explosion causes three buildings to collapse. The missing are sought, a living woman answers from the rubble

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