Adam Deni Calls Ahmad Dhani’s Family Not Quarantined After Returning from Turkey: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Social media activist, Adam Deni, has opened his voice again regarding the obligation of Indonesian citizens to quarantine after vacationing abroad. After Rachel Vennya’s case came to the surface, now Adam Deni is back at the family Ahmad Dhani who had just returned from vacation from Turkey.

Through his Instagram account, Adam Deni appears to have received a DM from someone whose identity is kept secret. In his message, the person said that he met Ahmad Dhani’s family in Cappadocia, Turkey, to ride a hot air balloon, because they were on the same bus.

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“I met Mulan Jameela, Ahmad Dhani and all their children in Cappadocia Turkey on December 2, 2021. I happened to be in the same bus with his family, picked up from the hotel to the hot air balloon ride,” said the person in the uploaded screenshot. Adam Deni on his Instagram.

“Is it true that Ahmad Dhani’s family did not undergo quarantine obligations? And if this is proven to be true, does this still have anything to do with the DPR protocol staff?,” Adam Deni said in the caption.

However, upon arrival in Indonesia, where the government imposed a mandatory 10-day quarantine, Ahmad Dhani’s family could actually roam freely without following the applicable obligations. In fact, the husband and wife took a walk in the mall, while their children were busy traveling around Jakarta by helicopter.

“I arrived back in Jakarta on December 5, 2021. In accordance with government regulations. I also underwent a 10-day quarantine. Today is the 7th day of my quarantine,” he explained again.

“But on December 9, 2021, my friend gave information that his friend met Mulan Jameela and Ahmad Dhani at Pondok Indah Mall. And on the same day, Al Ghazali’s son and his girlfriend went to the cinema. And on Saturday 11 December 2021 Al, El, Dul took a helicopter around Jakarta,” he explained.

Furthermore, the person admitted that he did not meet Dhani and Mulan while at the airport, because they were different airlines. However, with the family being able to travel freely on December 9 and 11, it is proof that they do not follow the government’s policy to quarantine after traveling abroad, which is to undergo quarantine for 10 x 24 hours.

“At the airport, we couldn’t find them because they were different airlines. Only someone posted to meet at Pondok Indah Mall on December 9, 2021, and on December 11, 2021, they took Al, El, Dul helicopters,” he explained.

“But all the posts have been taken down. Dul’s posts have also been taken down after we commented on his posts,” he said.

As is known, in the Addendum to Circular Number 23 of 2021 concerning International Travel Health Protocols during the 2019 Coronavirus Disease Pandemic which was set on Thursday, December 2, 2021, there were several new rules. One of them, the latest Covid-19 quarantine period is valid for 10 days and starts from Friday, December 3, 2021 until an undetermined time.

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Adam Deni Calls Ahmad Dhani’s Family Not Quarantined After Returning from Turkey: Okezone Celebrity

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