Actress Emilia Clarke reveals she almost died after the first season of ‘Game of Thrones’

“On set I didn’t make any mistakes, but it was difficult. Season two would be the worst for me. He didn’t know what Daenerys was doing. If I’m honest, every minute of every day I thought I was going to die, “revealed Emilia Clarke in an essay that came out on March 20.

The phrase written by Emilia Clarke, the actress who plays the powerful Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones, in an essay in The New Yorker magazine, It has nothing to do with nerves or the responsibility of being the protagonist of the most popular series. What Clarke recounted in the text published yesterday is the experience of suffering two aneurysms and several brain operations that almost ended his life, just when his successful career as a performer was just beginning.

In the rehearsal in which she reveals what happened to her for the first time, the actress recounts how it was that some time after finishing filming the first season of the series and while preparing for the tour to promote it, she suffered a painful collapse in the gym . They quickly discovered that he had a brain hemorrhage that needed to be operated on immediately. It was a type of aneurysm, explains Clarke, that a third of patients who suffer from it do not survive. Even if the operation, as it happened in your case, is successful.

What followed the intervention was a critical two-week period in which the actress appeared to be on the mend.

“One night, after those two weeks, a nurse woke me up and, as part of some cognitive exercises, asked my name. My full name is Emilia Isobel Euphemia Rose Clarke. But at the time he couldn’t remember it. Instead incomprehensible words came out of my mouth and I panicked. I have never experienced such fear. I could see what my life would be like from then on and it made no sense to continue living like this. I am an actress. I have to be able to remember my lines. At that time I couldn’t even remember my name, “Clarke explains in the text where she also reviews her childhood, her dream of being an actress and how she began to fulfill it when she was hired to Game of Thrones.


His account details how he was able to carry out the interviews after his first operation -thanks to morphine-, the second aneurysm that was discovered a few years later and how a new operation put his life at risk again.

“I spent another month in the hospital and at times I lost all hope. He couldn’t look anyone in the eye. I felt terrible anxiety, I had panic attacks (…) I was convinced that I was not going to survive ”, writes the actress who now, with the end of the series on the horizon, decided to tell in her own words what happened to her , in addition to announcing the creation of a foundation to help victims of neurological diseases.

“After such a long time of silence I am telling the whole truth. Believe me: I know that I am not unique, I know that I am not alone. Countless people have suffered worse things than me, without the care that I was lucky enough to receive ”, he concludes.

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Actress Emilia Clarke reveals she almost died after the first season of ‘Game of Thrones’

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