A ton of medicines, gowns and masks for Somalia: the Christmas gift from Copag and Emergenza Sorrisi

A ton of medical supplies donated to Somalia as a Christmas gift from Copag and Emergenza smiles. Yesterday morning drugs, FFP2 protective masks, gowns, gauze compresses and useful material in the operating room, were virtually delivered in the hands of the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Somalia Abdirahman Sheik Issa Mohamed, and of his wife and doctor Cadigia Mohamed Ali.

During the ceremony, the Ambassador illustrated Somalia’s fragile health system, inadequate in terms of specialized personnel and medical equipment: «A difficult context, determined by decades of conflicts and political instability. A situation that unfortunately worsened in the pandemic period also due to the difficulty in promptly ascertaining suspected cases of Covid19 “. The difficulties of the Somali health system are also evident by comparing some data relating to Covid 19: in the face of a population of about 16 million people, a total of just 23 thousand cases have been diagnosed with a number of deaths just over 1,300. Only 4.2 percent of the population completed the vaccination course while a total of 1.5 million doses were administered. “We are rebuilding the health network – added the wife of the Ambassador who graduated in medicine from the Sapienza University of Rome -. Italian support is very important through development cooperation projects. The commitment of Copag and Emergenza Sorrisi Onlus falls into this area. Thanks for their sensitivity goes to the presidents of their respective organizations Marco Miraglia and Fabio Massimo Abenavoli ». “We have decided to do our part, and I thank President Abenavoli and Emergenza Sorrisi, for allowing us to play an active role in this concrete health aid project”, concluded President Miraglia.

Copag (Consortium of Private Hospitality for Purchases and Management) was born in 1976 in Rome, consists of about 250 private health facilities representing over 25,000 beds in Italy, with the aim of supporting the procurement processes of the medical devices necessary not only for its members, but for almost all the nursing homes associated with AIOP ( Italian Association of Private Hospitality) and to ARIS (Religious Association of Social and Health Institutes) ensuring high levels of quality at competitive prices. Suffice it to say that only the realities associated with AIOP provide 25% of the total services of the National Health System. The company represents a real partner of health facilities in guaranteeing products, even those that are difficult to find, and therefore also intervening as a consultant, not only commercial but also technical-scientific. Since 2019 the Roman company has obtained the license as a drug wholesaler, establishing itself as a leader in the pharmaceutical distribution sector.

Emergenza Sorrisi Onlus is a non-governmental organization active in 23 countriesi in the world, where children affected by serious facial diseases work and is committed to safeguarding the environment for current and future generations. Thanks to 375 volunteer doctors and nurses, Emergenza Sorrisi has already given a new smile to over 5,200 children suffering from cleft lip, cleft palate, facial deformities, burns or war trauma and other disabling diseases. In developing countries where Emergenza Sorrisi is present – in parallel with the surgical missions – it also carries out training and updating activities for local doctors and nurses, from which 577 professionals have so far benefited.

The material donated yesterday will physically arrive in Somalia in the new year. In the containers, ready for shipment, there are 180,000 disposable kits for surgery, almost 100,000 protective gowns for healthcare personnel, and various types of drugs from broad-spectrum antibiotics to oncological products.

Last updated: Saturday 18 December 2021, 17:51


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A ton of medicines, gowns and masks for Somalia: the Christmas gift from Copag and Emergenza Sorrisi

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