A brief dive into Donald Trump’s digital base


He immediately called out to me by my first name. “Piotr, enough of these tyrannical rules! Biden’s freedom-killing vaccination requirement is a threat to our national security. ” It was October 27. Donald Trump Jr., son of the former president, wrote to me to sign a petition. I had just registered, under my professional address, for a mailing list to be kept informed of the news of the former leader, who continues to dominate the Republican Party, despite his defeat in the presidential election. Thinking of joining a group of journalists, I inadvertently found myself among the supporters of Donald Trump.

This simple click resulted in an avalanche of emails, 66 exactly as of December 9, not to mention the thirty others recapitulating his official press releases on current affairs. This direct current gives a precise idea of ​​the springs used by the Trump team to maintain a close link with the militant base, of its mercantile concerns, of its thematic obsessions. It is about creating a kind of participatory circle, of common identity adventure, around objects and slogans of recognition, by applying the incentive tools of online sales. There is always an hourglass flowing.

“The Fake News Media, working in close liaison with Big Tech and its partners, the Democrats, want to SHUT UP on you”

The day after this first shipment, I was called to order. Still no reaction to a written appeal from the former president himself. “The left is working overtime to CONTROL you, Piotr. ” I am asked to participate in a “focus group” – qualitative survey method – in the constituency where I live. Later, they ask for my opinion on the city where Donald Trump should hold his next meeting. “I will review ALL ANSWERS in ONE HOUR. Will I see yours? “ asks the former president. On November 5, my opinion is again sought. This time, a major consultation is launched. “The Fake News Media, working in close liaison with Big Tech and its partners, the Democrats, want to SHUT you OFF. “ Survey. Should big tech corporations be held responsible for this, yes or no? This question was the subject of several reminders over the following days. The subject is very important.

For Thanksgiving, I am invited to participate in the greetings for Donald Trump. His son comes back twice. “YOU were always there for us when we needed you most, which is why I am giving you priority access to become the first Patriot to sign the OFFICIAL TRUMP THANKSGIVING CARD.” Another day, I was consulted to determine the best cover for Donald Trump’s official calendar, version 2022. It is difficult to choose between four photos of the former president with his usual red tie. A few days later, new email. That’s it. The calendar is available, starting at 45 dollars (40 euros). Please note, stocks are limited.

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A brief dive into Donald Trump’s digital base

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