6 Facts about Laura Anna that you must read, Number 4 is the saddest : Okezone Celebrity

DIED Laura Anna is deeply saddened by the family as well as the public. Laura Anna’s name is increasingly known after asking her ex-lover, Gaga Muhammad, to be responsible for an accident.

Laura Anna is paralyzed after an accident. In 2019 this couple got into a serious car accident that damaged the car and Laura finally endured the pain of being paralyzed.

Here are a series of important facts about Laura Anna, the celebgram who died on Wednesday, December 15, 2021, that you must read. Let’s see!

1. News of Death

The news of Laura Anna’s death was conveyed via Instagram Story by Laura’s best friend, Shandy Purnamasari and also Aan Story

“Innalilahiwainailaihi rajiun Lora is not sick anymore, not sad anymore, can walk again, Lora is happy with God. Everyone loves lora Al fatehah for lora,” wrote Shandy Purnamasari while giving a photo of himself with Laura Anna.

His departure occurred when Laura was struggling with the test she was going through. The world of social media is also flooded with condolences from netizens to public figures who also remember how tough he was during his life.

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2. Became the Conversation When Becoming Gaga Muhammad’s Lover

The figure of Laura Anna began to surface when she became the lover of Gaga Muhammad, a celebrity who is also Awkarin’s ex-lover.

At that time, the two of them often shared their moments of intimacy on their respective Instagram pages which became the subject of conversation. Laura Anna’s beautiful face also managed to make her the center of attention.

3. Young Businesswomen

As she became more and more popular on Instagram, it was revealed that Laura Anna is also a young businesswoman who has several business lines in the beauty sector. The most popular are eyelash and hair lengthening products.

4. Car Accident to Total Paralysis

In the midst of her ‘peak of glory’, Laura Anna got into a car accident with Gaga Muhammad that occurred in December 2019. Because of the accident, unfortunately for Laura she had to suffer an injury called ‘Spinal Cord Injury’ which resulted in her complete paralysis!

5. Gaga Called Reluctant to Take Responsibility even Take advantage of it!

Instead of being responsible for his ‘part’ in the accident, Gaga Muhammad was said to be irresponsible by leaving Laura Anna who was paralyzed. Not only that, Gaga is reportedly even taking advantage of Laura’s wealth by stealing her ATM card.

6. Busy Fighting for Justice and Motivating His Followers

Getting such a heavy test did not weaken Laura Anna’s figure. He finally sued his ex-lover to court to fight for justice. In addition, Laura also often shares motivational content for her followers and netizens who may be experiencing a medical condition similar to hers.

That’s what then made Laura Anna’s figure back into the conversation, until now the world had to lose one of those kind and extraordinary women.

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6 Facts about Laura Anna that you must read, Number 4 is the saddest : Okezone Celebrity

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