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Many of them have kept travel diaries and told us about their adventures. From Christopher Columbus to modern explorers like Mike Horn, these written records allow us to travel by proxy. There is nothing like immortalizing your journey by playing it as an adventurous writer. Here are 5 tips to start your travel journal.

First of all, you will have to find the rare pearl, the setting in which you will tell your adventures day after day. For this, you can very easily find online, or take a tour of bookstores or other stationery stores. Paper quality, number of pages, design: there are many models available to suit your needs. Size is also an important selection criterion: the larger the notebook, the more you can stick all kinds of objects and souvenirs, as well as pictures you took during your stay. You can also choose a Photo album, which you can customize to your image, in just a few clicks.

  • Take the necessary equipment

Any good explorer knows how to arm himself with the necessary equipment! So, use your pens, colored pencils, markers and stickers to let your imagination run wild. To know what to pack in your travel bag, it’s important to determine how much space you have. Our advice? Take only the bare minimum. A small pencil case consisting of an ink pen, markers and a four-color pen should be sufficient. If you are a draftsman, a pencil and an eraser will also be essential. Once again, it’s up to you to decide what your travel diary kit will consist of according to your tastes!

Many like to jot down the date and time they write as soon as they pick up their notebooks. This allows you to have a precise time reference, which will allow you to locate yourself when you read it again. Others segment their notebook according to the cities in which they are located, because they find their way more in space. Because a notebook is very personal, it is up to everyone to format it as they wish. With chapters, without any time marker, depending on your mood: there are endless possibilities and you just need to have fun.

It is often the crazy little stories and bad experiences that we remember the most when traveling! Out of gasoline in a small town lost in the Morocco, hassle to communicate with the locals, hostile animals crawling in your tent: in order to immortalize these memories, don’t skimp on the details. Reading will only be more immersive!

  • A watchword: have fun

No need to take your head with this travel diary, it is not a duty! If the thought of having to write every morning at a fixed time terrifies you, don’t panic. You organize yourself as you see fit, because no one will hold you accountable. The main thing is to keep these memories to yourself and write these unforgettable moments on paper!


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5 tips for making your own travel journal – Travel Me Happy – Travel blog

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