5 Sensations of Gaga Muhammad After Accident With Laura Anna to Paralysis : Okezone Celebrity

LAURA Anna right today, Wednesday, December 15, 2021, died at the age of 21 years. Gaga Muhammad, the ex-lover also made netizens angry and some of the sensations will be reviewed.

Previously it was reported that Laura died in a state of semi-paralysis. He is also struggling to demand justice from his ex-lover, Gaga Muhammad, for a fatal car accident that left him paralyzed and had to be assisted in a wheelchair.

Summarizing various sources, Wednesday (12/15/2021) here is a brief review of five sensations of Gaga Muhammad, the former lover of the late Laura Anna.

1. Likes to get drunk and cheat

Through her Instagram account, Laura Anna clearly revealed that Gaga is a man who likes to drink alcoholic beverages to the point of getting drunk. Not only that, having an affair with many women is one of the bad habits that Gaga is not familiar with. “You’re drunk and drunk now and there, but you can’t take basic financial responsibilities,” wrote Laura Anna as a video caption.

Even during the accident, Laura said the cause of the car accident she experienced in 2019 was because Gaga drove her home under the influence of alcohol or driving under influence (DUI).

“Couldn’t walk because he was drunk driving a check,” Laura wrote.

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2. Morotin

Laura said that her ex-lover was classified as a boy who liked to morotin. Several times Gaga asked Laura Anna to buy luxury goods, such as motorbikes to Supreme branded goods, even though after being cheated on.

“Yes, I did give him 10 million for his birthday last year for a motorbike but instead of saying thank you straight away, I said ‘By less than 1.5 million’. And finally I transferred it again hehe, never mind. I could have given more than 10 but who wants to I sincerely give 10, not more than that,” said Laura.

“Remember, after cheating, I asked to buy Supreme Gloves. Okay, I was looking for it until dawn, finally I got it with the mindset ‘Maybe if I buy this he will love me again like before’ (because I’m fatter than I am now and my skin condition isn’t very good. I was very insecure after he cheated on me),” he said. Laura.

3. Never helped Laura’s medical expenses

Gaga is known to have admitted to helping Laura’s medical expenses, even though it was modest due to the declining financial condition due to the pandemic. But Laura denied this claim, in 2020 Laura revealed that Gaga had never helped pay for her treatment so far. “Responsibility, please pay also. It’s been more than a year, there’s not been a penny to help,” Laura said on her Instagram account.

4. Steal Laura’s money

When Laura was still in a coma and confined to the hospital emergency room, it was suspected that Gaga had swiped IDR 8 million from Laura’s ATM. “Swipe my atm card when I’m unconscious check,” Laura admitted.

5. Lying about the accident

To Laura, Gaga claimed the traffic accident they experienced was because Gaga reflexively swerved to the right to avoid the truck. But from Laura’s statement, it was claimed that Gaga was lying because the car that Gaga was driving, precisely the side that Laura was sitting on as a passenger, had hit a truck. “But he didn’t say he hit a truck (at first), he immediately swerved to the right, even though he hit a truck. My part is he hit a truck, then he swerved right before hitting another car and he was drunk too,” Laura wrote on Instagram.

Gaga Muhammad himself is currently known to be a defendant in an accident that left Laura Anna paralyzed. Gaga was named a suspect for driving drunk and was charged with Article 310 Paragraph 3 of the Law on Road Traffic and Transportation.

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5 Sensations of Gaga Muhammad After Accident With Laura Anna to Paralysis : Okezone Celebrity

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