5 Facts about Venna Melinda and Ferry Irawan, Number 4 Most Unexpected : Okezone Celebrity

CONNECTION Venna Melinda and Ferry Irawan in the public spotlight. This has been since Venna Melinda and Ferry Irawan started showing their closeness on social media.

Even though they are no longer young, it seems that Ferry and Venna did not hesitate to appear intimate in public, you know.

So what are the facts about the close relationship between Venna Melinda and Ferry Irawan. Let’s take a look with the following reviews.

Matched from the first meeting

Venna and Ferry are known to be close after creating Youtube content together. But who would have thought that on that day both of them accidentally wore the same colored clothes.

Through Venna’s Youtube channel, the two seemed to reminisce about the days of their first meeting. Without further ado, Venna asked how Ferry’s first impression was when he met Venna.

“That’s the impression when I saw him, he was a good person,” answered Ferry.

They were both surprised because they were both wearing blue clothes.

“The clothes are the same, sky blue,” said Ferry, followed by a laugh.

“I was also surprised, how come it’s the same with the clothes, right, I didn’t make an appointment,” continued Venna.

Wow, apparently this couple has been compact at the beginning of the meeting, huh!

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Hide Relationship from Athalla

A few moments through the chat between the two on the Morning Ambyar program, Venna frankly revealed about their relationship.

The story of the approach of the two is also very unique, making the studio filled with laughter. According to Venna, at that time he wanted to go with Ferry, who he still considers as a friend. But at the same time, his son, Athalla suddenly also wanted to take him away.

Venna finally asked Ferry to pick her up at the apartment lobby because she was not comfortable with her son.

Instead of following the request, Ferry went up to pick up Venna, until finally Athalla found out that her mother was going with a man. Both were forced to take their son to go together.

Had turned down an invitation to date

After the three of them left, Ferry drove and stopped by Venna’s house. At that moment, Ferry finally got up the courage to express his feelings.

“There, I looked into his eyes, I said can I say something?” said Ferry.

Ferry also invites the woman of his dreams to date.

“I’m sorry, I think you are a special person for me, may I not?” said Ferry to Venna.

Not getting the answer he expected, Ferry apparently got a subtle rejection from Venna, who at that time was not ready to start a further relationship. Ferry then gave a wise response to Venna, and gave the 44-year-old woman some time.

“If you haven’t opened it, that’s okay. I will be your friend until you find the right person. There I thought, this is an understanding person. Usually what I find is ego,” he continued.

Ready to step into marriage

Even though she was rejected, in the end Venna was convinced that she could start a new life with the 49-year-old widower.

Through Venna Melinda’s Youtube channel some time ago, Ferry and Venna expressed their hopes for 2022, which will come soon. Both admitted that they were ready to take a more serious step and did not want to be in a relationship for long.

“Want to make my dream come true to marry you. God willing, please pray,” said Ferry.

Got a love call from Vania

After 8 years again enjoying life alone, Venna is finally back happily feeling the love of a man.

This happiness can also be seen from Ferry’s close relationship with Venna’s daughter, Vania. Several times through Ferry’s Instagram uploads, the two of them often seem to be carrying Vania together.

So close, Vania even has a nickname for her future father, namely Papa Ayam.

“Vania said…

The spruce family consists of..

Papa ayam @ferryirawanofficial

Mama Uyam @vennamelindareal

Yam son @vaniaathabina24,” wrote Ferry.

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5 Facts about Venna Melinda and Ferry Irawan, Number 4 Most Unexpected : Okezone Celebrity

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