5 Facts about the Love Story of Vicky Prasetyo & Kalina Ocktaranny, Full of Drama and Controversy : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Unpleasant news has hit the household that was fostered by Vicky Prasetyo. After failing to build a household with Angel Lelga, this time Vicky had to repeat the same mistake in marriage with Kalina Ocktaranny.

The news regarding the separation between Vicky and Kalina was known because of the upload of Zaskia Gotik’s former fiancé on his Instagram Story account. He was even seen apologizing for not being able to maintain his household.

Even though their marriage only lasted about a year, that doesn’t mean there wasn’t romance between Vicky and Kalina during their relationship. The two of them even had ups and downs in their relationship, until it almost did not take their romance to a more serious level.

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Here are 5 facts about the love story of Vicky Prasetyo and Kalina Ocktaranny:

1. Announce romance

The romantic relationship between Vicky Prasetyo and Kalina Ocktaranny has been established since last November 2020, after meeting at a television station. It didn’t take long for Vicky to shoot Kalina and get an answer a few days later.

Amazed by Vicky’s seriousness, Kalina accepts the 37-year-old’s love and starts to get busy preparing for the wedding. Both of them even had a pre-wedding with a gladiator theme.

After two months of dating, on January 24, 2020, Vicky finally proposed to Kalina. Even Vicky also brought his mother and children to the event.

2. Had canceled marriage

Vicky Prasetyo and Kalina Ocktaranny are known to have announced their wedding date long ago, namely on February 21, 2021. However, the plan failed to be implemented, because it was related to their marriage documents which were considered incomplete by the KUA.

This forced their second marriage to be postponed until March 13, 2021. Unfortunately, even though it was postponed, their second marriage was still carried out in a serial manner because it did not get the blessing of Kalina’s father.

He did not get the blessing of Kalina’s father, apparently related to something that was requested and could not be fulfilled by the mother of one child. However, both of them admitted that they would work on this until they got the blessing, so that they could carry out the marriage isbat and have a marriage book.

3. Failed to have children

Vicky and Kalina’s household was colored by the happy news of pregnancy. In July 2021, Kalina was known to have revealed that she was pregnant with the fruit of her love with Vicky Prasetyo.

However, when she was almost three months pregnant, Deddy Corbuzier’s ex-wife suffered a miscarriage. She even admitted that she had tried to visit another obstetrician to get other information related to her womb.

Unfortunately, the doctor said that the fetus in Kalina’s stomach could not be saved. So not long after, Kalina had to undergo a curettage.

4. Live the joys and sorrows together

Kalina’s love for Vicky seems to be quite big. He is even often seen accompanying his husband in facing legal proceedings related to cases of unpleasant acts filed by his ex-wife, Angel Lelga.

Through her Instagram account, Kalina even admits that she will always support her husband in any condition. Including when he found out that Vicky was sentenced to four months in prison in September 2021 in connection with the case.

5. Split up

Recently, Vicky and Kalina seem to have agreed to a divorce. This was first known through Vicky’s Instagram upload which alluded to his apology for not being able to maintain his marriage.

“Finally everything stopped at the age of 1 year …..,” wrote Vicky Prasetyo on his Instagram Story account.

“Sorry for all the mistakes as the captain of this boat trip….,” he continued.

Not long after, Kalina was seen uploading a photo of a house not far from the residence of her son, Azka Corbuzier with her ex-husband. He even admitted that he would buy the house and would no longer want to live apart from his son.

A few days later, Kalina admitted that she was now single. When interviewed, Vicky also confirmed that his household with Kalina had ended because his wife could not contain her jealousy.

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5 Facts about the Love Story of Vicky Prasetyo & Kalina Ocktaranny, Full of Drama and Controversy : Okezone Celebrity

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