35 years of Emilia Clarke, beauty canon breaker and heir to the anti-toxin throne

He put everyone in the pocket practically with his first scene in ‘Game of Thrones’, embodying a character who physically, she complied with the regulatory beauty canon: blonde, blue eyes and a petite figure. On her first off-camera red carpet, Emilia Clarke, a natural beauty advocate, showed us that things were changing and that without dying her hair or succumbing to the seductive whispers of botox, you can succeed in the movies and television.

Emilia Clarke, and la premier de ‘Last Christmas’. (Getty)

A body under examination

Emilia Clarke is one of those defenders of the ‘never google yourself’, aware of the hatred and harmful comments that can be made about her. Her body, described by the general public as ‘full of curves’ elicited offensive comments about her figure and, even today, she has to endure people talking about her weight gain or loss. It is curious that, when the series that gave him fame began to air, it was precisely the nudes that were one of the biggest claims. Note of clarification, Emilia never used doubles but showed her naked body. “That’s all mine, all pride and all strong”he stated on ‘Entertainment Weekly’, in what could be described as a firm step towards normalizing all bodies on screen.

The mythical nude of Daenerys in ‘Game of Thrones’. (HBO)

Another curiosity is that she herself has spoken of episodes of ‘body shaming’ on set, specifically when she or her partner Nathalie Emmanuel (Misandei in ‘Game of Thrones’) some part of their body was seen due to their costumes. Their strategy was to defend each other because, as Nathalie Emmanuele revealed to ‘Vogue’, “if you’re the only girl on a male-dominated set, that sort of thing ties you together in a certain way.”

Save the tweezers for waxing!

Emilia Clarke came onto the public stage almost at the same time as another Brit with thick and perfect eyebrows, Cara Delevingne. If on the small screen the makeup covered Clarke’s until turning them into gray, when the cameras were turned off, her true eyebrows were visible, surprising half the world by their size, at a time when the thin and arched eyebrow was still dominated the canon of beauty. The reason for the actress’s eyebrows was on the wise advice of her mother. “When I was a kid in the 90s, everyone dreamed of having ‘pencil eyebrows’, but When I discovered the tweezers, my mother said ‘leave them, you don’t have to go near them’, and I am very happy to have heard: bushy eyebrows forever, ”she explained in an interview with Clinique.

Emilia Clarke, at the 2019 Emmys (Getty)

Emilia and botulinum toxin

“At 34, I am wiser, more intelligent, I have had more experiences, I have done many things and I am proud of that. I can only say that I have achieved all that because of my age. Time is the only thing that allows you to do those things. so yes my face will reflect the time I have spent on this earthI’m ready for it ”, that’s how she confessed to the British edition of ‘Elle’ why she didn’t fill in her wrinkles or paralyze her forehead with botox.

Emilia Clarke, at the BAFTAs. (EFE)

On more than one occasion, Emilia has received the suggestion to retouch, despite the fact that she was not even close to thirty. Although he is not categorically against cosmetic interventions and does not refuse to resort to them in the future, he would always do so by his own decision, not by external suggestions. His determination is firm: “If my work tells me that I need more than a little botox When I’m 45 or whatever then I’ll stop doing the job”, He declared in ‘Elle.uk’, who still claims to be in shock with the fact that now everyone gets cosmetic touch-ups and it is something normal.

Stop being a blonde: long live the radical look changes!

Daenerys’ platinum blonde that made her famous was always just a wig. Until Emilia began to become famous and her real image was known, her light skin tone and her eyes predicted that she would be blonde, but no. Although yes have bleached their naturally dark brown hair on occasion, and has even assured that as a blonde she had more fun, Emilia remains faithful to her natural brown. With what he does not maintain as much fidelity is with the length of his hair. At the end of filming ‘Game of Thrones’, he cut his hair with a very rocky blonde pixie that darkened several shades to reach the Oscars with a radical change of look. His constant change from long hair to short hair responds almost more to the use of hairpieces and straightening, but it doesn’t really matter because the interesting thing is his taste for breaking with the established. One detail, Emilia Clarke never wears the haircut that dictates fashion, she dictates trends.

Some of Emilia Clarke’s funniest makeovers. (Getty)

Thorough selection of brands

‘Not everything goes’ is a motto that adapts a lot to the ideology of Emilia Clarke. While in the glow of success, many actresses accept beauty collaborations without filtering between brands or selecting projects that share their ethics, the British he has been sprinkling his career with selective marketing brushstrokes. First was Dolce & Gabbana who saw embodied in her voluptuous figure and her confident smile to her authentic feminine icon (preceded by other goddesses such as Monica Bellucci or Scarlett Johansson). In campaigns The One we saw an Emilia singing and laughing that exuded naturalness in front of other serious icons that exuded seriousness and distance.

His longest-lasting beauty collaboration is undoubtedly the one he maintains with Clinique, turned into his global ambassador. Since 1968, the brand’s motto has been ‘Paraben Free. Without phthalates. Fragrance free. Only #HappySkin ‘, forceful and the first to be so transparent in the world of cosmetics. Emilia’s dry and sensitive skin, the one that her mother taught her to keep constantly hydrated, has become the best catchphrase for Clinique. Her make-up bases formulated as correction gels, light and hydrated and her concern to give each skin its ideal cleansing routine fit perfectly with the principles of the actress.

Emilia Clarke, in a promotional image for Clinique. (Courtesy)

Share your tricks

The closeness with which Emilia responds in her interviews and speaks openly about taboo topics such as aesthetic retouching or weight have contributed to she leaked beauty tricks herself. In an interview with Clinique about one of her latest releases, the Moisture Surge ™ 100-Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator, the actress confessed that she wasn’t just using it as a moisturizer. “My top 3 uses is as a 5-minute express mask, as a moisturizer for the cuticles and as a highlighter on the browbone and cheekbones,” he confessed.

Emilia Clarke, at the 2019 Emmys (Getty)

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35 years of Emilia Clarke, beauty canon breaker and heir to the anti-toxin throne

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