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They say that “no one does anything alone”, and many musicians also take the motto “unity is strength” into the studio. In an age so marked by isolation and individualism, art promotes many encounters.

From so many songs, clips and even entire records that went through the Pave Music throughout the year, these were the partnerships that marked the most 2021 to the website team, who selected, voted and commented on these collaborations that have gone down in history.

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Gilson + Young Dionysius – some rhythm

It is no longer news that music itself has its charms and powers. In this way the song that brought together Jovem Dionísio and Gilsons in a pandemic period established one of the most interesting partnerships of the year, one of those that make us wonder how the bands didn’t work together before. In addition to recording this global moment in the song, the union of groups has the potential to generate even more fruit in the future. (Romulo Mendes)

Sharon Van Etten + Angel Olsen – Like I Used to

The partnership between the North Americans brought to our ears the best of singers: the joining of two striking voices that pack, almost always melancholy, lyrics about relationships. Olsen and van Etten’s timbres stand out between synthesizers and beats, creating a strong, sing-along song. (Bárbara Barroso)

Luedji Luna + Zudizilla – Plum

Luedji Luna and Zudizilla’s musical partnership in 2021 has a cute motivation: Dayo, the couple’s son, who turned one year old. Plum, a beautiful song, narrates moments divided between the three in the first months of the life of the “little man”. Music transports us to a place they say is magical: motherhood. Going to work and leaving the brood can be distressing, but there are those who turn it into a work of art. (Rafaela Valverde)

Doja Cat + SZA – Kiss Me More

The partnership between the singers showed once again the power of TikTok and dominated the musical world. Not only that, but it reinforced the potential that two giant names in music possess – the two not only took the music charts separately in 2021, but together they even managed to break records. The artists’ styles complement each other extremely well, which resulted in a partnership that infected the world and left everyone looking forward to more future collaborations. (Carolina Reis)

Major Lazer + Ludmilla + ÀTTØØXXÁ + Suku Ward – just to hurt you

The guitar of the band from Bahia, the charisma of the singer from Rio and the Caribbean atmosphere of the producer, all led by a group known for knowing how to create impeccable hits that are born precisely from irresistible mixtures. As a bonus, a very entertaining video clip. I had no choice but to make history. (André Felipe de Medeiros)

Honorable Mention: Jards Macalé + João Donato – Coconut Taxi

The opening track of the disc Bid Summary it was a warm, colorful, and tropical hug in a year that had dragged on gray throughout its months. The song has a naive and simple feel, in contrast to the malleability of the lyrics and the mastery of the musicians. As if that were not enough, the partnership still yielded one of the most historic moments of Música Pavê, both on the website and on the podcast. (André Felipe de Medeiros)

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2021 Special: The Partnerships that Marked the Year | Pave Music

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