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Creative narratives, stunning visuals and settings help communicate and expand the tracks’ universes. In terms of music videos, 2021 was a hell of a year.

Of the more than 470 productions that went through the Pave Music throughout the year, some of them have already gone down in history as a reference for what the audiovisual has done best in the middle of music in these twelve months. Here is a list curated and commented on by the site team.

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Duda Beat + Clover – Not even a bit

The partnership between Duda Beat and rapper Trevo in Not even a bit is one of the biggest highlights of the CD I love you out there. In her music video, with futuristic references, cyberpunk and a parallel universe full of fantastic beings, the singer interprets her suffering in a vindictive and dark way. The visual production, which shows an unexpected face of Duda, is even more amazing than anything she has ever shown us. (Bárbara Barroso)

BaianaSystem + BNegão – Reza Forte

Spirituality, resistance, faith and ancestry. That’s how BaianaSystem and BNegão presented Reza Strong. One of the most incredible video clips of the year, released on the day of Iemanjá, and with over six minutes in duration, it brings forgiveness and redemption from authoritarian enemies, religious rituals and green and aquatic settings, which transport to the transcendental connection that exists between those who pray today and those who prayed before. (Rafaela Valverde)

Arlo Parks – Too Good

In Collapsed in Sunbeams, singer, songwriter and poet Arlo Parks mixes R&B and bedroom pop to sing about relationships – “they’re songs for those who aren’t afraid to cry”. It is the case of Too Good. The clip, directed by Bedroom, in a clear contrast of colors and movements, shows a complicated love, full of knots and dizzying twists. It’s an empathetic invitation to the vulnerable dialogue Parks proposes on his debut album. (Bruno Maroni)

Neighborhood Jup – Occurs

Directed by Rodrigo de Carvalho, the video for OCCURS is one of the coolest productions in Brazilian audiovisual in recent times. In it, the multi-artist Jup do Bairro is divided between several characters and tells, in an amusing way, details of her trajectory up to the present day, through facts that are very well narrated in the song’s lyrics. Highlight for the beautiful art direction. (Lili Buarque)

Alt-J – U&Me

Alt-J flirts with surreal elements at different times in his videography. In the clip of U&Me it’s no different: the spectator meets the Brits at a skate park while strange things happen in the background, like objects floating inexplicably and an unexpected explosion. The production stands out for rescuing the band’s memories and mixing them with the aesthetics of homemade footage. (Thai Ferreira)

Sky – Come closer

Céu had everything to be able to slow down, being one of the most consolidated names in her scene and a reference for new artists. But behold, the clip appears Come closer to carry Rita Lee’s song into a new context and the artist, once again, excels. From such banal settings, the action becomes extraordinary, and even a marginalized bar becomes a sexy place for Céu and her love interest to get into the dance. (Romulo Mendes)

King Suit – Fear

It is even symbolic that a clip with such a sense of freedom was released in the claustrophobic year of 2021. The two directors Vira-Lata undressed the actors and presented us with a sequence of takes breathtaking. They are beautiful sets shot on 16mm film – an almost artisanal process. No wonder the production lasted over a year and a half. The work overflows with sensitivity and hits like an affectionate hug. (Nuno Nunes)

Honorable Mention: Fran + Carlos do Complexo + Bibi Caetano – Visceral

A science-fiction short film with palpable emotions and free interpretation. Visceral it makes you smile and squeeze your chest at the same time, with a story of abductions in a tropical setting. From the camera that is not afraid to get close to the protagonists, to very sensitive performances, passing beautifully through a unique photograph, the video is born ready to be a reference throughout the decade. (André Felipe de Medeiros)

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2021 Special: The Music Videos That Marked the Year | Pave Music

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