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Those we listened to throughout the year also had their artists that marked the year. At the invitation of the Pave Music, dozens of musicians and bands recalled what they heard most in 2021 and pointed out the sounds that impressed, inspired and kept them company in recent months.

Get ready to remember some songs and meet some new names you’ll want to take with you for the next year and beyond.

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By Ferrero

Among so many highlights this year, I thought about talking about a new artist who released an interesting and cool rock album, which is the Turnstile. The language of the videos is very good and the band is sharp! I have to talk about the album of WillowLately I Feel Everything, very good!

Niper Boaventura (Ego Kill Talent)

I found the Turnstile in the best possible way: totally random in a playlist “findings of the week” while running. I stopped right away to get it qualified of the band. The song that hooked me was Holiday. It reminded me of Shelter, Helmet and other bands from the 90s. Although they are younger, they carry the aesthetics in the videos, sound and even in their dress. The cool thing was that, on the same day, I started sending it to friends and several had discovered the band that week. For example: I went to get Phil (CPM22) for a drink and he got in the car humming “Holiday” out of nowhere! Sonzeira too, melody, riffs and synths.

Thais Gulin

Call Me If You Get Lost, do Tyler, The Creator. I’m a Tyler fan and on this record he mixes heartbreak with social injustice, acoustic soul with ’60s pop. It’s chaotic and wonderful. From my favorite artists.

Giovanna Moraes

I’ll go by Vivian Kuczynski, she is producing a lot of cool stuff, with a very mainstream crowd digging space for women in the production. He wrote a song with Pablo Vittar, produced Alice Caymmi’s album, produced Carol Biazin’s show at Cine Joia (SP), made the master mix of Marina Sena’s Multishow presentation and post-production of Scalene’s singles. It looks like she’s in the backstage a lot of cool stuff

Rodrigo Torrero

The artist of the year, for me, is Antonia Medeiros. If you don’t know it yet, you can let one of the more than 3,000 monthly listeners of hers on Spotify will soon refer you (or is already recommending, in this case). In March she released her flawless debut album, Driving. For the rest of the year, in the best independent multi-project artist style, she voiced numerous works with the vocal group Ordinarius and the romantic duo Dois a Dois. And they told me they already have a single for 2022…

Paulo Novaes

The big surprise of my year was getting to know the work of Joe Manoel. Composer, singer and impeccable pianist, he released a wonderful album called from my naked heart (2020). The record makes us travel on the most pressing issues in a firm and light way at the same time.

the lost scientist

We arrive at Home Alone, gives Of yours, unearthed everything the Brazilian needed to spit out in a single blow – and a very accurate one. There, they shared the whole process of looking for a place of their own within the chaos, which in the end was a very good match of perspectives. A pretty damn connection.

Of yours

The highlight of the year for us for sure was the Baby, who in his first work is hyper mature, modern and consistent in what he writes and in the aesthetics he prints. We joke between us that she is the Kiriku of Brazilian music.

Pedro Sa

I really enjoyed the latest release of Sky, a taste of sunshine, an album dedicated to the most diverse of songbooks, ranging from Rita Lee to Ismael Silva, passing through Jimi Hendrix and Grupo Revelação and much more. A kind of ‘agglomeration’ of authors. It has a celebratory, solar flavor. A fire towards the end of the pandemic cave. I believe it marks the first breath of this era and will be remembered for it.

Than Bala

MC Kevin he was the outstanding artist that stood out that year. The kid came giving examples of how we can be independent in funk and that, for me, is a great inspiration.


Our 2021 tip is our bro Chico Brown, who wrote together with Marisa Monte a music Calm recorded by the artist on the disc doors. In addition to the song being a delight, Chicão shows his versatility as a multi-instrumentalist, composer and awesome musician! Generous and brilliant!


This year, we’ve had several releases from irate artists, and the scene is pushing new names for us to keep an eye on in 2022. Let’s talk in special about the album Board of Directors gives Tasha & Tracie, which arrived causing positively in the rap scene. With several producers who arrived with excellence in the beat, feats of weight and, added to the flow, the duo’s shrewd and surgical writing. This work shows that it is indeed one of the greatest exponents of rap albums for us to listen to and favorite!

persimmon crime

An artist that for us stands out in the current scene is the rapper Katú Mirim. Strong and necessary representation of the indigenous and peripheral voice, in addition to being a lesbian and mother, Katú strengthens indigenous culture through its songs, bringing an agenda that urgently needs to gain more and more space. Her work is very potent and she is an artist we would like to partner with someday.

Flavio Tris

A big highlight this year (and last year) was Luiz Gabriel Lopes. During this period, he released two very important EPs, returning to the field of affective-existentialist songs after a prosperous tour of mass pop. Basic listening in dark times.

Rafa Martins (Savages in Search of Law)

I know Matthew Fazeno Rock for a while and I have always seen him as a multi-talented artist. On the first record, it’s already here. The lyrics are bold, genuine, take me to where he seems to have made the songs. Artists like him are needed in Brazil today and tomorrow.

Leo Norbim

I was very positively surprised by the sound of this guy, who I didn’t expect anything less, for being an amazing artist and an excellent friend. Novel released the single Cycles and believe me, we are all going to hear a lot from this boy very soon!

Roberta Campos

For me 2021 is the year of Almerian and I know it will reverberate for a lifetime! I’ve always been a fan of his work, he’s very talented. This year he released the album Everything is love, singing Cazuza, amazing work and lots of personality. It deserves all the visibility in the world!

Luccas carlos

For me, the “revelation” of the year was Baby Keem. He is Kendrick Lamar’s cousin and first artist on pgLang, Kendrick’s new record label. your disk The Melodic Blue took me by surprise too much album. The á mixes a lot of rap with the melodies that Keem also knows how to do very well. For me, one of the best of the year.

Suzi Mariana

No doubt, Igor Gnome blew me away with the album ‘black ant. He made this project with a lot of determination. The compositions are amazing and there are even more special guest appearances. Gnome shows impeccable work and full of truth. It brings all the strength of this symbiosis between Jazz, Rock and Northeast. I respect even more instrumental music and what Igor Gnomo Group represents.

Paulo Ohana

I highlight the album How many times are we born?, by Maria Ó. A singer-songwriter record. Present voice that affirms, questions, transcends. Each of the eight tracks is a chapter in the process of death and rebirth, the constant movement of life.

Gabriel Cavallari (The Cricket)

Once again, Pabllo Vittar went too far… Thank goodness! THE Tropical Beat he wasn’t afraid of mixing sertanejo, brega, hyper pop and even drum & bass sounds. An album that in its mixture innovates pop and presents us with several hits. We love you Pablo <3


I believe that our countrywoman Marina Sena arrived with everything to mark this generation. We already knew her since A Outra Banda da Lua and Rosa Neon and we were very happy that our dear Minas Gerais has more and more awesome people representing her! A big kiss to Marina!

Gah Setúbal

Perhaps the most obvious nomination, but without a doubt, the revelation of the year for me was Marina Sena, from whom I have heard and re-listened the record many times since it was released a few months ago. The simplicity of the songs attracted me a lot, the fact that the melody drives the parts of the song while the base remains the same is something I’ve been looking for in some of my songs. The production also caught my attention because it brings many elements of a danceable and pop MPB with various dub elements.

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2021 According to the Musicians – Part 2 | Pave Music

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